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Welcome! Donny here. I just want to personally take a moment and thank you for your interest and for joining LIVE COFFEE. Some of you might remember me from the Connecticut Coffee Society about 7 years back. The CCS was the largest and most active coffee meet up in the tristate area, focused on coffee education in all aspects.

LIVE COFFEE is going to cover similar topics as the CCS and more. We will use cupping as our main platform, but will also test out brewing methods, different origin coffees, and explore origins. The difference between this and the CCS is the LIVE part (you knew I planted this in there for some reason).

Personal development has long been a passion of mine and so I wanted to share life skills that I've picked up along the way, such as how to create instant rapport with someone, to shifting your state and as a result, your performance in a given area of your life.

MY PURPOSE is to make this group fun, interactive, and educational, teaching you how to get the most out of your cup of coffee and life.

Thank you all again for your interest, have a wonderful start to your week, and I look forward to meeting you all individually, in person.


Donny Raus

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