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Do you have a strong feeling~intuition~knowing that living from the heart is more than just a beautiful cliché? Turns out you’re absolutely right!

This meetup is for anyone interested in learning more about HeartMath and being connected to other heart minded people. No previous experience is required and it can be added to any practice or discipline.

HeartMath utilizes scientifically proven techniques and technology to build personal resilience through balancing our heart/mind connection.
The science shows that physiologically it boosts our immune system as well as helping to balance all our body systems. Some of the benefits people experience are:
 Resilience and energy
 Clarity, focus
 Effective decisions under pressure
 Self-regulate worry, frustration, stress
 Regenerative sleep
 Dealing with difficult people
 Teamwork, communication and morale
 Increased intuition and creativity

We’ll explore the science and concepts, learn the techniques and how to use the technology.

And we’ll come together to create our tribe of heart centered people supporting one another in this exploration. We’ll share what it looks like trying it out in our lives, experimenting with what works and what maybe doesn’t work so well. We’ll make some beautiful connections and feel great.

Connecting to the heart is one of my favorite things. Sharing this is the best. I look forward to meeting you and seeing what we create.

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