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Our intent is to have a tangible experience of peace and well being, and discover practical ways to live in that consciousness in our daily lives. We see ourselves growing in this ability. In this community, we also support each other by sharing our experiences and learnings. We welcome all those who would love to see more peace in the world, and we also welcome all who are willing to take seriously this challenging experiment of aspiring to live our lives in peace. We can make the world a place of peace, one person at a time

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This is a story of one person's intent to enhance peace. It is still in process. Please check out their Facebook page focused on this peacepole. Here is the link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1166215550157605/ See how an idea can spread. Later will be a launching process which is yet to be developed. When the launch occurs, those of us who are interested can attend. This venture is evidence of what one person can do. Here is Marguerite's story: Inspired by the planting of a Peace Pole in Watertown, MA in the wake of the Marathon Bombing in Boston, I decided to donate a Peace Pole to the community where I grew up and raised my own family in Fitchburg, MA. I also taught for 20 years in the Fitchburg Public Schools. As a child, Fitchburg was a thriving community with many locally owned paper mills and woolen mills providing the main source of employment. Over the years, however, like most mill towns in New England, the companies moved and closed, poverty moved in and with it the usual crime and dysfunction. I felt a Peace Pole donning the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” would speak to the residents of Fitchburg and instill a sorely needed message in the hearts and homes of the city. I contacted the mayor, Steve DiNatale's secretary, Joan David, and discussed my intention seeking a bit of guidance on how to best approach the community. Joan gave me the name of the chairperson of the Human Rights Commission, Barbara Nealon. I attended a Human Rights Commission meeting in October, 2016, presented a short historical and philosophical overview of the Peace Pole Project, and voiced my desire to donate one to the city. The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and supportive. Peace Poles can have up to eight different languages represented in the presentation of the universal prayer “May Peace Prevail on Earth”. We decided on eight of the languages of immigrants who have settled in Fitchburg over the years. I ordered our Peace Pole from the Peace Prayer Sanctuary in New York and upon completion had it delivered to Fitchburg's Municipal Offices in January, 2017, where it currently resides in the main lobby. The Human Rights Commission and myself decided that instead of permanently planting the pole in a park or some other outdoor public area, that I would purchase a large stand upon which to attach it thereby making it portable….a traveling Peace Pole... with its home-base being the lobby of the Fitchburg Public Library. Local schools and other community organizations will be able to borrow the Peace Pole for an arranged amount of time for programs and ceremonies promoting the desire for peace to spread throughout the world. The Peace Pole could be used as the inspiration for essay writing, art creating, or musical productions. The two high school representatives on the HRC offered to serve as ambassadors of the Peace Pole, accompanying it on its travels and making a presentation of the historical and philosophical intent of the pole. We are currently preparing a press release along with a dedication/presentation program, planting a prayer for peace within the heart of the City of Fitchburg with hopes the prayer will continue to echo in the halls of their public buildings, schools, churches and homes and joining the universal hope and dream that peace will, indeed, prevail on earth. Marguerite Gabrieli

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