What we're about

You should join this group if you love going to live music events & you want to find fellow music lovers to join you!

What I’d like to see from our Meetup events & members:

1) SUGGEST EVENTS: I’d love to see you guys posting a lot of great concerts. We all have different tastes but hopefully you’ll find others with the same interests or you may introduce somebody to new music. So, go ahead & post your concert suggestions!

2) GET TOGETHER: I’d like to see members actually “meetup” at shows. If you don’t see someone suggesting where or how everyone should meet, even if you’re not the one who posted it, please feel free to take the lead & ask who wants to get together.

As a reminder, the intent of the Meetup site is to “connect with other people who love the same things you do” & the intent of this group is for people to find others to go to a show with if they don’t want to go alone. Therefore, if you’d prefer not to meet with the gang at a show, maybe it’s best that you don’t RSVP just so that we know who is truly interested in getting together. You’re still more than welcome to be a member of this Meetup & use it as a resource to find out about shows but please only mark yourself as going if you intend to meet with us at some point.

We know it’s not always easy to find each other at some venues but we can at least try. If you’re posting & hosting an event, maybe give a quick description of where you’ll be standing or what you’re wearing or what you look like (if you don’t post a clear picture of yourself, although a clear picture is more helpful, just sayin'), as it may help people to find you.

3) SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC VENUES: A lot of live music venues like The Hideout, The Hoxton & Hugh’s Room closed recently (& I’m sure other venues that don’t start with H) & maybe this group can help to encourage people to get out there and support music venues across this city. I’d love to see our little group making a difference.

4) MUSIC-RELATED EVENTS: Keep in mind that we don’t only have to post live music events but if you hear of a great music documentary/movie or a musician’s book signing for example, I’m sure others would love to join you. You can also start a music-related discussion thread about some new tunes you’re checking out or want to check out.

So, get out there and start posting shows & start meeting a lot of people who love live music as much as you do! Hopefully we’ll cross paths soon!

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