What we're about

We create loving community
through worship and service to others.

Live Oak is a progressive spiritual community in the heart of Alameda. We walk diverse paths to find meaning and purpose, but are united by our belief in the worth and dignity of all, and the obligation to express our faith through acts of justice and compassion. Join us as we create a diverse, spirit-growing, justice-seeking community. We meet Sunday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. http://www.uuliveoak.org

Live Oak welcomes everybody. Everybody means - whatever you look like, however you speak, whoever you love, however you dress, whoever you live with, rich, poor, tall, short, dark, light - in all the myriad confusing ways we are human, we welcome YOU.

Past events (72)

'The Search for Truth and Meaning'

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'Finding the Sacred Wherever We Are'

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Why Forgive ? (Service is Live and on Zoom)

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Tolling of the Bells

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