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We create loving community
through worship and service to others.

Live Oak is a progressive spiritual community in the heart of Alameda. We walk diverse paths to find meaning and purpose, but are united by our belief in the worth and dignity of all, and the obligation to express our faith through acts of justice and compassion. Join us as we create a diverse, spirit-growing, justice-seeking community. We meet Sunday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. http://www.uuliveoak.org

Live Oak welcomes everybody. Everybody means - whatever you look like, however you speak, whoever you love, however you dress, whoever you live with, rich, poor, tall, short, dark, light - in all the myriad confusing ways we are human, we welcome YOU.

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Meet with us at Live Oak UU Fellowship/Healing a Divided Nation

******************************************************************************** With Malice Toward None (healing a divided nation) On Nov. 29 at 4 pm Live Oak will host a special Zoom event entitled "With Malice Toward None". This service is dedicated to the idea that our polarized nation needs healing, regardless of the outcome of the election. This service calls citizens to actions which strengthen our democracy and uphold the worth and dignity of all Americans, especially those with whom we differ politically. Contact Angie Watson ([masked]) or Roger Hallsten ([masked] ) to RSVP. ********************************************** Joining a Live Oak 'Small Group' may help you fill your heart & mind Never have connection and a sense of community been more important to the fabric of our lives. Even in a small congregation such as Live Oak UU it is possible to be adrift and not create sustaining relationships with co-congregants. For many, our twice-a-month worship services, while thoughtful and meaningful, may not be the only form of spiritual discernment and reflection that fills your heart and mind. Our Unitarian Universalist denomination has long held a practice to address both of these needs: Small Group Ministry. Often called "Covenant Groups" or "Chalice Circles" these small groups of eight to 10 people meet on a schedule selected by the group (usually once or twice a month) to gather for deepening discussion on topics also selected by the group. They are created to be a safe and comfortable container for personal sharing and development. Topics may be explicitly on spiritual experience as well as explorations of values, goals and concerns. Over time they can build relationships among participants, allow you to become known and seen within our community, offer insights about your fellow congregants, as well as the safety and support of delving into important and fundamental realms of self-knowledge. The groups are peer-led with rotating facilitation, where boundaries are honored and a sense of sacred space is evoked. Live Oak currently has two groups that are open for new members; one meeting on Friday evenings once a month (2nd Fri) and another meeting on Wednesday evening twice a month. (1st and 3rd Weds). Both groups meet for a two-hour session. You are invited to consider if this offering might be of benefit to you and contact Darlene Pagano - ([masked] ) - with questions, concerns or connection to an open group. You do NOT need to be a signed member of our Fellowship and there are no fees. Currently the groups meet over Zoom or other conferencing platforms instead of the usual, more intimate setting of members' homes. We hope that our Small Groups are an additional setting for your deepening spiritual exploration and the weaving together of our congregational lives.

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