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Over a cup of tea
Chai is not just a beverage, it's an emotion. Chai is a sweet and sensitive subject for most of us. The sound of water boiling on the pan, the whiff of tea leaves filling up the room, the conversations that happen over a cup … cha or chai or tea is a tradition with us. It’s a drink that runs in our ‘veins’. For a few, tea spells grandma’s love, for many it brings alive memories of the college canteen, many feel a cup makes their mornings brighter, countless speak of how they love the teatime that they share with their partners and everyone mentions that cups of chai makes spending hours at work less painful. We're all connected, with the humble chai, irrespective of whether it is served in bone china cups & saucers, pragmatic Styrofoam cups, rustic 'kulhads' or commonplace steel glasses. Over a cup of chai, one of the short stories in the book, The Trees Told Me So, book, revolves around a relationship between a mother and a daughter formed over a cup of chai (tea). It's an invitation to rewind & be a student once again. What's your story? Join us and share it over a cup of chai at Tania's Teahouse. The author will lead an informal, consequential, and resolution-oriented conversation on the increasing need for awareness and sensitivity to build a platform of thinkers & doers, and generate momentum on the issues of deforestation, extraction of trees, societal sensitivities, et al. Together, the house will share ideas, stories and anecdotes to bring a change. Let's talk. Absorb. Observe. Reflect. Share. Act. Free-to-attend. RSVPs must. Photography for the event: Courtesy of Sonu Sultania P.S: If you wish to get yourself an author-signed copy of The Trees Told Me So. Drop a line to confirm. Plus, a special green token.

Tania's Teahouse

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