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RaagMala Suite in Concert @ Helende Geluiden
RaagMala Suite is a composition based on a selection of classical Indian ragas. Instead of being outwardly stimulating like so much of today’s music, RaagMala Suite encourage you to undertake an inner expedition to rediscover your own emotional world, to ultimately devoid your soul of the emotional protocols of daily stress and the “attention economy”. The selected five raga’s put the emphasis on certain moods and colors. Creators of RaagMala Suite apply self-developed modal harmonies for the piano, the melodies of the sarod and rhythmical patterns to reach out to different levels of your emotions – from love to sadness, from rage to happiness and meditational peace. These will be performed in an semi-acoustic setting with a pinch of electronic treatment all tuned to 432 Hz. RaagMala Suite is created and performed by: Marynka Nicolai-Krylova – piano Avi Kishna – sarod Dr. Goldfinger – ethnic percussion, electronics More Information about RaagMala Suite: Adress Rosenstock-Huessy Huis, Hagestraat 10, Haarlem Date 8 december 2017 Time 15:00 Tickets Online @ 12,50


Hagestraat 10 · Haarlem