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Live Your Legend November Meetup
Hi there! You are warmly invited to the November meetup of Live Your Legend, London. We will be meeting at 5th View Bar and Food near Piccadilly. WHAT IS LYL? Watch this TED Talk by our founder Scott Dinsmore. It sums up Live Your Legend perfectly: Do you believe in Scott's purpose as described in this TED Talk? Then read on! WHY WE HOLD MEETUPS We meet in person once a month in London, and this allows people who agree with our "find and do the work you love" message to come together, be honest (but considerate), encourage each other and learn from one another! We are here to listen, and to give you advice. All sorts of individuals attend the meetups - entrepreneurs, bloggers, musicians, storytellers, life coaches, and many more. Don't worry if you don't fit into one of the aforementioned categories - show us what you have to bring to the table! WHAT WE TRY TO ACHIEVE AT THE MEETUPS Through encouragement, networking and mind power, we aim to help each other to live our purpose and achieve our goals, no matter how high or low they might be. One thing we try to encourage in the group is Accountability. This is where attendees get into small or big groups outside of the meetups (e.g. on Google Hangouts), set goals and then hold each other accountable to achieving those goals. The goals may be business-related, they may be related to one's health, they may be related to becoming better-organised, and so on. Alone, we can be strong. BUT: together, with other people pushing us forward, we are always stronger. FORMAT OF THE MEETUPS The meetup will follow a similar sort of format to the one we usually follow. Everyone can introduce themselves briefly, and then explain a bit about who they are, what their current situation is and what/where they want to go from here. We will encourage a few people to go into more detail, telling a story about what they're currently doing and mentioning a couple of personal milestones they have reached. Think of this as a "hot seat", if you will ;-) We can all then give some feedback and ask questions related to what you've shared with us. We might also throw something fun into the mix, e.g. a game relating to personal development, in order to jazz things up a little bit ;-) CONFIDENTIALITY We understand that the information you share about your current situation might be sensitive. Therefore, we promise to keep it confidential and we will not share it with anyone outside of the group (unless you allow us to do so). Honesty, trust and a bit of vulnerability are important for your personal and professional growth within the group. A FINAL THOUGHT Here's a quote by Jim Rohn: "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." What does this mean? It means you can either hang around with people who pull you down and laugh at you for going after the big goals and thinking differently from others. Or, it means you can spend your time with people who inspire you! People who want you to achieve what you want to achieve, who want you to do well for yourself at what you truly love and truly stand for. The people you want fighting your corner are those who will show support for your dreams, raise your standards to a new level and believe in your ability to do the impossible...or what people say is impossible ;-) Are you in? See you on the 29th!

5th View Bar & Food

5th floor of Waterstones 203-205 Piccadilly, W1V 9LE · London

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    What we're about

    Live Your Legend is a global community on a mission to live our days with purpose. We believe that when you align who you are with what you do, you make a positive impact on the world around you.

    LYL founder Scott Dinsmore had a vision to change the world by helping people find what excites them and build a career around the work that only they are capable of doing. Think you've got nothing unique to offer the world? Think again - we all have something within us that nobody else can do as well as we can, and that we genuinely enjoy - and that other people will enjoy and want too.

    Scott wanted to understand why 80% of adults hate the work they do, and more importantly, what sets the other 20% apart. He went on to develop 3 simple practices for finding and doing what you love, all of which are completely within your control. What are they? They are found within Scott's legendary TEDx talk, with over 5 million views on YouTube:

    Scott's career tools are available free to the public on As well as encouraging people to use these, we hold monthly meetups in London and other big cities around the world in order to keep Scott's vision alive, and to help people who are interested in following his - and thus their own - direction! So if you:

    ...are currently questioning your professional path and purpose in life
    ...are fed up with working a job you hate or find boring
    ...have a burning passion, but no idea what to do with it or how to make an income out of it
    ...want to leave a significant impression on the world
    ...or are just attracted to the idea of a life of freedom and greatness...

    ...then you should check out Live Your Legend!

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