What we're about

"Don't just survive… Live and Thrive!”

I use this slogan to motivate myself but my deeper desire is to help others Live and Thrive regardless of what’s happening in their lives.

My business, Live and Thrive, was created in 2003 and is centered around being active with others through outdoor recreation. The combination of connecting with others in an outdoor environment has long lasting results. Some online classes or meetings are also offered indoors through Zoom.

Whether you love walking, hiking, kayaking, bike riding, stand up paddling, gardening, bike riding, or anything else, we’ll help you discover new outdoor adventure friends through our meetup groups.

There is always strength and safety in numbers. As you accumulate more outdoor adventure friends it becomes much easier to achieve your goals.

Being active outdoors while being supported and surrounded by so many kind, caring, friendly, respectful, and encouraging people of all ages is the BEST! That's what you'll find in our group.

Without that constant support, it can feel like a long, lonely, difficult, uphill battle which most of us can relate to in one way or another.

PEOPLE are what I’m passionate about! I love doing things with people, supporting people, and helping people.

I’ve been on the receiving end. Many kind people have been there for me throughout my life when I needed help the most.

I am “people rich” and have many connections, ideas and resources that I’m eager to share with you!

Connecting with people who have different backgrounds, cultures, talents and abilities is an awesome thing.

Creating and organizing events, meetings, adventure trips, classes, outings and get togethers that bring my members together, online or in person, is what I love to do and have been doing for 20 years!

I extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for joining us!

Upcoming events (4+)

Online Class: Stretch, Balance & Strength Workout

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First, thank you SO much for coming! It's only 30 minutes but it's a big deal that you will stop your life and take the time to do this with us! We are your NEW support team in this area of your life.

The focus of our FREE online class is to help you stretch, balance, and strengthen your body.

Come often and you'll be amazed at what just 30 minutes can do for you!

I'll be posting more classes soon so watch for those. Come as often as you can.

Please keep your screen off.

Even when I can't see your face I can feel your presence! Feel free to message me anytime if you have a comment or question.

I am eager to encourage, support and motivate you!

Regardless of where you are physically please join us! Start small and easy so you'll come back often.

Modify this workout to suit your specific needs.

If you haven't moved in a while or are recovering from an injury, consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns.

I like to be creative and sometimes use props or objects however they are NOT required or necessary your first time.

More info:
Just for fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSr7HPikHog

Learn more about me and what I offer: LiveAndThrive.com

MINDFUL WALKS / Open to all. No experience or special equipment required.

As an adult, we walk an average of 3 500 steps a day. Everyday. So, we all know what is it to walk. But what is it to walk mindfully? The simple definition of being mindful is to pay close attention to our whole experience (inner and outer) in the present moment just as it is. Walk mindfully means walking with intention, bringing our awareness to our unique experience as it unfolds in the present moment surrounded by a specific environment. It means being at the center of our life. To be fully available to what is happening right here, right now. More specifically, we use our capacity to be an observer of life, bringing our focused attention to our bodily sensations, our breathing, our feelings and emotions, thoughts and beliefs without getting drawn by the pull of our fantastic illusions that are just happening in our head or our preferences.

We all know the benefits of walking. And, intuitively, we know the benefits of being in nature. We can feel it. And we are right! Many studies now show that practicing mindfulness in a natural setting can:

* Restore and maintain our global physical health
* Boost our energy level and enhance vitality
* Reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health
* Increase relaxation and aid sleep
* Strengthen our immune system function
* Restore cognitive fatigue and increase focused thinking
* Reduce stress and tension
* Improve mood and decrease rumination
* Lower anxiety levels and reduce depression
* Increase traits of self-trust and self-acceptance
* Improve interpersonal relationships

Brief, mindfulness increases our happiness and our overall quality of life!

Once gather at our meeting point, I will propose a theme and a mindful practice to try while walking. Then, we will walk. Simply.

We will walk at public parks and natural places in Salt Lake valley.
Details will be announced on the previous days.

On Friday mornings from 10 am to 11 am.

About the host
"Hi, I'm Chantal. I am from Québec and now live in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. I've been hiking and gardening with Sheryl for a year and now I'm excited to offer an activity much easier than hiking. I hope you'll join us!"

** About dogs **
Our program is designed with specific walking prompts and multiple stops where we will reflect on our mindfulness practice. Mindful Walking needs to be done without dogs. However, all walkers with dogs will be invited to walk ahead of the group.

Please visit my website for more offers:

Hike: Bald Mountain, top of Deer Valley Ski Resort

Needs a location

Welcome to our Fall Hiking Group!

Trailhead GPS: https://goo.gl/maps/88bqsUUtPEyqPLRz8
Arrive at the trailhead: 8:45 AM
Alltrails Stats: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/map/bald-mountain-deer-valley-ski-resort-bbc12a3?u=i

Finish by 12 Noon.

If you don't meet us at our 6570 South Wasatch Blvd meeting place before 8:15 AM drive directly to the trailhead. Text me in advance if you do this so I know you are coming in case there are any changes. [masked]

8 AM: Start gathering at 6570 South Wasatch Blvd meeting place. You have a window of 15 minutes to arrive at our meeting place.
8:15 AM: Leave our meeting place and drive to the trailhead
8:30 - 8:45 AM: General time we will arrive at the trailhead (varies for each hike)
12 Noon: Off the trail OR earlier if you prefer.

Challenge by Choice: You are invited to hike faster or slower, shorter or longer.

Visit my website: https://www.liveandthrive.com/

I reserve the right to change trail location as late as 8 AM the morning of our hike, at the 6570 South Wasatch Blvd meeting place. It's rare but it can happen generally due to weather conditions.

Online Class: Finding Passion & Purpose in Life

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Join us for 30 minutes for thoughts and inspiration on how to improve and manage your life, one week at a time.

I love sharing personal stories and experiences and how they can easily apply to your own life.

We think of this time as a weekly health checkup, to make sure we are headed in the direction we want to be going in life - socially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc

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Hike: Buffalo Peak and beyond! Utah County.

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