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Miracles come from hardships!

In April 2020, I celebrated my 10-year anniversary with Meetup.com (http://meetup.com/) as a group organizer. Other than my website, liveandthrive.com, (http://liveandthrive.com/) Meetup has been the most significant and productive way of marketing my Outdoor Adventures for the past 17 years. There are nearly 12,000 people following our Outdoor Adventure Group which we are so excited about!

In 2003 when it all began, I looked for people through classes I was teaching through Salt Lake & Granite Peaks Adult Community Education. I still have friends who hike with us who found me this way but the Adult Community Education Classes don't exist anymore.

One miracle came in the form of a very annoying hiker 10 years ago.

I'll never forget one of our hikers in February 2010. I thought she was very annoying because she insisted that I become an organizer on Meetup. I had never heard of Meetup and I thought I was doing just fine without it. I was struggling to maintain my own website and I wasn't excited about learning how to use another one. My Adult Community Ed Classes were helping me find plenty of hikers but she was very determined that I do this.

Finally I gave in and joined Meetup just to get her off my back. Shortly after I started my Outdoor Adventure group on Meetup she disappeared and I rarely seen her since. But now I consider her one of the great blessings in my life.

Last week I met the CEO of Meetup in an online meeting with many organizers from all over the world. He told us how Meetup was inspired by 9/11. Meetup was born June 2002, just nine months after 9/11, because of a serious need to connect people with each other and help them heal. I'm only one person among thousands of Meetup organizers in the world but the impact that Meetup has had on me personally during the past 10 years is HUGE!

Over the years most of my outdoor adventure friends have originated from my Meetup group. I have been inspired to travel internationally because of Meetup. What I have gained from being around and getting to know so many people is immeasurable! And it hasn't stopped even with this Coronavirus! I'm so grateful that Meetup pushed us into learning how to offer online classes. This is something I have been wanting to get better at but in mid-March of 2020 I was pleasantly forced into learning how to do this! Because my in-person outings came to a halt I had a lot more time to practice and perfect my online skills and make a plan.

Having constant friends coming into your life whether it's in person or online will ALWAYS make you a VERY rich person so I am extremely grateful for Meetup and especially for that annoying woman who ended up being a huge blessing in disguise.

I'm so grateful for how fast our group continues to grow. I learn so much from each person who joins us. No matter who you are, we ALL have a desire to 1) connect with each other 2) to be active outdoors 3) to share the beauty we see with each other.

THANK YOU for your friendship and WELCOME to our group!

Thank you for celebrating my 10-year Meetup Anniversary with me.

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Garden Therapy (work) w/ refreshments

2881 W 7180 S

This is a comfortable time to work in our West Jordan garden with us. If you've been sitting at a computer or in your home all day long this really is much needed Garden Therapy! Join us as we finish preparing one of our gardens so we can start planting a on Saturday. We have 3 community gardens: 2 in Holladay and 1 in West Jordan. This is our West Jordan Garden and the largest garden we have. Come for a quick 90 minutes and help us finish weeding. We'll also finish putting our furrows in. It's been marked and almost ready to go! I'll bring treats for those who attend. I have some latex gloves if you don't have any garden gloves. Bring a water bottle. We'll end for sure by 8 PM. RSVP if possible! Thanks so much!

Murray Park Morning Walk or Bike - 1 hour

Online event

Join us for a morning, 1-hour bike, run or walk in beautiful Murray Park! WHERE to meet exactly: https://goo.gl/maps/GJ27H5bj5n32nvN49 8 AM: Greet everyone, start moving! How to find us: At the entrance of Murray Park from State Street, you can't miss the large Indian Head Statue on the NORTH side of the Murray Park entrance road. Park and be ready to go by 8 AM. Kate is my assistant and will be doing the tour on this morning. Finish by 9 AM. Go longer if you like. Go fast. Go slow. Go any speed in between. This is a chance to meet at least one new person. Come often and meet many amazing people! Walk for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, the full hour or longer. Bring a bike and ride if you prefer. Murray Park is extremely gorgeous so you're in for a treat! Visit my website for more activities! https://www.liveandthrive.com/

Garden Work Therapy w/ Treats

2225 Fardown Ave S

For lots of PHOTOS & Info and working in our gardens with us go to: https://www.liveandthrive.com/post/community-gardens Map: https://goo.gl/maps/S2hKzN2v86sW1pEG8 This is the best way to start a summer morning! Come and work with us for one hour in one of our Holladay gardens. We started planting this early spring garden in March. It's filled with peas, salad greens, beets, etc. Our summer crops are also awesome! Those who participate will get some of the harvest. About our 3 community gardens: 2 in Holladay and 1 in West Jordan. Come for a quick 60 minutes. Leave early if necessary. I have latex gloves if you don't have your own garden gloves. Bring a water bottle. RSVP if possible,[masked] Thank you!

Hike: Scout Falls, American Fork Canyon

UTA Park n Ride

Welcome to our group! This is one of the best things you can be doing to keep yourself healthy and strong - physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually and even financially! If you are new to our group - We want you to have a GREAT time the FIRST time to attend one of our outings! Click on the link below, before coming. I am eager to show you why we have been hiking for 17 years! These hikes never disappoint regardless of what your physical or hiking abilities are. This will be updated often. https://www.liveandthrive.com/post/welcome-review-updated-information-before-attending-an-in-person-outing-with-us 8 AM: Greet everyone 8:15 AM: Drive to the trailhead OPTION: Meet us at this trailhead location if you prefer: https://goo.gl/maps/VqHVCW4Vt4MuqeBU7 At this time: 9 AM ETA from our meeting place to the Trailhead: 50 minutes If you drive directly to the trailhead, text me in advance and I'll reply. In the rare event we need to change locations, I'll contact you. Thank you![masked] For more info, visit my website: https://www.liveandthrive.com/

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Hike: Battlecreek Falls & BST Trail. 2 options

UTA Park n Ride

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