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What we’re about

I am living in the bush in Liberia, Africa with my husband, Dave, for 18 months as we serve an MLS mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (MLS - member leader support) and will return in July 2024.

I have very capable assistants in place who are keeping things going while I'm gone.

Follow all of my adventures as I post daily:

Live and Thrive, my outdoor adventure business, was created in 2003, promoting outdoor adventure and recreation.

We help you connect with new outdoor enthusiasts through our meetup group through activities like walking, hiking, kayaking, bike riding, stand up paddling, or gardening,

There is strength and safety in numbers. As you develop new relationships with others who also love outdoor recreation, it becomes easy to achieve a more healthy lifestyle.

You will find kind, caring, friendly, respectful, and encouraging people of all ages in our group.

We love what we do and have been passionate about this for 20 years!

Welcome to our group and thank you for joining us!

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