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The intent of this meetup is to build faith that every being has been designed to experience bliss at every moment of their life. The purpose of life is to experience contentment (bliss). A soul is content means they are living fully or experiencing peace, love, and happiness steadily. Why are people greedy (opposite of content), stressed, and worried then? We are either ignorant or are not using our design accurately and hence experiencing something that is against our purpose. Lets invoke our perfect design by learning some secrets that will help in making it happen.

Who should join?

Each one of us desires to be peaceful, loving, and happy. If this has become your primary desire, then Live Fully Always meet up is for you! (:-)

Why join:

It is FREE (:-)! In the past few years, the spiritual journey to invoke my perfect design of the divine self has been very rewarding. I have seen many of my not so good relationship improve or become perfect. My focus at work has increased and that has resulted in more impact and productivity. I am becoming emotionally stronger and resilient steadily. People's tough personality, bitter words, or crisis do not upset me or not so easily. I have the courage to speak up or move away if my self respect in on the line. I could not survive without a minimum of 8 hours of sleep and now even 5-6 hrs or less is sufficient. I have benefited so much from imbibing the Brahma Kumaris knowledge and practicing Raja Yoga meditation. I want to share what I have learnt and hope to learn more from the members of this group!

Source of teachings and Raja Yoga Meditation Technique:

Brahma Kumaris (http://www.brahmakumaris.org/), a Non-profit Spiritual Organization and World Spiritual University. Every class, workshop, and retreats are free of cost.

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Remaining Hopeful When Everything Around is Woeful

To remain hopeful when everything is going our way is easy. Is it possible though to be ever enthusiastic about life? Many times we are thrown into tough challenges or even crisis, is it still possible to remain hopeful? At Brahma Kumaris I was taught that life without hope is like life of a fish without water, as good as dead. Enthusiasm is such a strong positive energy, and is the key to courage. When one has a positive attitude, courage, then can any crisis stay for long? More in the meet up, hope to see you all on Wed at 7:30 p.m. for an engaging discussion and group meditation. What you need to bring? An open mind and warm heart! (:-) Source of teachings and Raja Yoga Meditation Brahma Kumaris http://www.brahmakumaris.org/

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