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Welcome! This is a meetup to support anyone who desires a healthier, more balanced life so they can live well and flow. We will hold workshops and gatherings where you can explore what a healthier, more balanced life means for you in a community of individuals on a similar journey. Mindfulness, meditation, mindful eating, life balance, stress reduction, recovering from burnout are examples of topics and practices we'll explore together.

I am a certified mindfulness instructor, coach, and Qigong practice leader. I am also the founder of LiveWellFlow (https://livewellflow.com). For more information on mindfulness, download my free e-book The Keys to Mindfulness (https://livewellflow.com/product/the-keys-to-mindfulness-e-book/).

For now, all of our events will be virtual on Zoom. I look forward to seeing you soon!

In peace and gratitude,



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Mindful Eating Meditation w/Stephanie

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Managing Your Eating in Uncertain Times

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Meditation with Stephanie

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