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The Livermore Women's Social Group was designed for women to meet new people and make new friends of all ages. As the Organizer I will plan a lot of great events, such as Wine Tasting, Happy Hours, Bunco, Lunches, Dining out, Miniature Golf, Karaoke, Volunteering and much more.

I recently moved to Livermore and had a Woman's Social Group in the Tri City area for 6 years. We had over 225 women at the time before I stepped down as the Organizer due to many family deaths in a short time, I needed time to regroup.....So here I am starting a new Women's Social in Livermore since I will be moving to this beautiful town next month.

You will be amazed how many women don't have a friend to talk to, laugh with, and share a secret or two. This group is open to women of all races, religion, and sexual orientation. We will not discriminate!!!!!

There is no cost to join this group for the first year but after your first year the membership will be $12.00 per year after. Understand that Meetup is not free, I have to pay to be apart of it.

Please only RSVP if you are going to attend events. We all know that things come up at the last minute but please don't decided to not show up and not change your RSVP to a NO. This puts stress on the Organizers since some things are planned ahead of time, especially when reserving seats at a restaurant or bar.

If you have 3 NO SHOWS you will be dropped from the group. We want active women who are looking to have fun and make new friendships.

I am looking for Assistant Organizers to join my team to host and plan fun events in the Tri Valley Area. If you are interested, please message me and let me know why you would make an AMAZING Assistant Organizer.

I hope you enjoy all the fun filled events that are coming our way.

Your Organizer,


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WEEKDAY LUNCH......Viet Noms.......Let's get some Pho

Viet Noms - Vietnamese Restaurant

This place was brought up at our Canton Village lunch Meetup so let's give this place a try...With the weather changing there is nothing better than a bowl a Pho on a cold day. They also have rice and noodle dishes to choose from as well.....REMEMBER, "BRING CASH".....See you there


Livermore 13 Cinema

Let's get together for a movie during the day when it won't be crowded. I will post a few days before the movies and times, that is when you can see if another lady would like to join you.....You can purchase your tickets ahead of time and get seats next to one another....We will eventually be having a monthly movie NIGHT but for right now the day works best for me.....If there is a member that would like to host a monthly movie night, please let me know


Hello Ladies, We will meet up for pizza first and then you will be on the hunt....BE PREPARED TO DO THINGS YOU HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE. DID I SAY SCAVENGER HUNT? OH YES I DID....You will be broke down into groups and have to drive around town and have to find items on a list that will be handed to you right before you leave...You will have two hours to complete this journey....The team who brings the most items back will win a prize. If you have NEVER DONE A SCAVENGER HUNT YOU NEED TO TRY ONE....You are going to laugh your ass off. Don't be shy and join the fun, This one Meetup will test your ability to step out of your comfort zone and really HAVE FUN, Veronica


THIS EVENT IS $20.00 PER PERSON AND YOU WILL PAY AT THE WINERY During our three-hour workshops, attendees will witness the basics of beekeeping, learn how to build a honeycomb foundation and hive, and observe a live bee colony housed in see-through hives. Beekeepers will teach the processes of honey production, pollen storage, and wax building. The experience transforms from a class to a tasting for the final hour, when students are invited to sample wildly different monofloral honeys from specific locales or plants, such as star thistle, wildflower, and black sage. Then visitors aged 21 and older will visit the wine-tasting room to sample wines from the tasting menu for that day. Depending on when we finish, maybe we can grab a bite to eat after

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