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We would like to bring together people with an interest in the world of bicycle especially the cycling of tourism, bike trips for one or more days and any idea you have to the bike as inspiration

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South Parkway Railway Station

Depart by train from Liverpool South Parway 10 a.m. to Sheffiel ,11.30 a.m. once there will come Liverpool pasing through Peak District Trans Pennine greenway in two days. If you have not tent posible stay overnight in a hotel o return by train from near Manchester

Liverpool Runcorn Chester

Weatherspoon, The Merton Inn

Route through Liverpool waterfront speke runcorn chester. Return with train. Slow March Cycling.


Liverpool Train Station, Lime Street

Going train untill North Walles and coming back through the maritime coast untill Wirral Hamilton Square. Not necessary train Cycle reservation

Liverpool-Nottinghamshire- Zeebrugue- Rotterdam- Liverpool

Departure by bicycle from Liverpool in the direction of Newark through the Peak District, calculating about three and a half days of travel, arrival in the Festival Vegan camp out on Friday at noon and overnight with camping tent until Sunday, Sunday afternoon there is the option to return to Liverpool by train. The group go up to Hull and take a ferry monday evening to Zeebruge, then return wenesday evening from Rotterdam on ferry to Hull and cycling or train to Liverpool

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Bootle - Southport

Weatherspoon, The Merton Inn

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