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Liverpool Humanists is a local, non-religious community group interested in meeting up socially or online. A big welcome to you from our committee:

• Chair: Sophie Colligan

• Branch Administrator: John Storey

• Vice Chair: Nick Senior

• Treasurer: Sheila Campbell

• Young Humanists Ambassador: Jenny Goldman

• Committee Member: Lynsey Gilchrist

We arrange talks and social meet ups - and also get involved with other local events, eg. Liverpool Pride. We organise events and activities of interest, with the aim of encouraging debate around issues related to Humanism. We want offer a safe space in which to talk and share experiences - for people who have moved away from their religious faith, or never had any in the first place.

We have a new website under construction. Look out for more news soon.

If you have any ideas for future events or community action, please get in touch. We have new members regularly joining - come along and get involved!

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Upcoming events (2)

Developing Non-Religious Pastoral Support

Liverpool Quakers Meeting House

Humanists UK is committed to ensuring that all people with non-religious beliefs have access to pastoral support, just as religious people have access to such support. It does this through its pastoral arm, Humanist Care. They are also committed to ensuring that non-religious people should be able and capable of providing pastoral support to all those who want it, irrespective of their religion or belief. They are building a network of Humanists UK accredited non-religious pastoral carers to provide that support, and now have nearly 150 operating across a range of institutional settings throughout the UK. Simon will cover the rationale for a non-religious pastoral support service in institutional and community settings, and highlight some of the key challenges that have had to be overcome to establish the service, as well as the current and future opportunities. https://humanism.org.uk/community/humanist-pastoral-support Simon became Humanists UK’s first full-time Head of Pastoral Support in early 2016. Whilst working for a mental health charity earlier in his career, Simon set up many support groups across the UK for service users and carers, and he helped campaign on a number of initiatives related to mental health equality. He then went on to be the first male employed by a domestic violence organisation in Cheshire, where he established a refuge for male victims and a voluntary CBT programme for abusive men. We'll be going over the road to the Old Post Office pub after the talk - you're very welcome to join us!

Liverpool Humanists Trip to Humanists UK Convention (Leicester)

This is an an announcement for our annual trip to the Humanists UK Convention. (You'd need to purchase tickets yourself from Humanists UK.) Once we know how many people want to join us on our group trip from Liverpool to Leicester, we'll start to organise shared Airbnb accommodation, car shares and a meal out together on the Saturday night. Sorry, we can't give approximate costs as it all depends on numbers. If you want to book your own travel and accommodation but join us for our meal out in Leicester on Saturday 22nd June, you are more than welcome to do that too. What we did last year was book the basic no frills ticket (ie. no lunch or dinner). Early bird tickets are NOW available for £89. There are only 100 available nationally. Sophie and Sheila have already bought theirs: https://humanism.org.uk/events/convention2019/ (If you are an accredited Humanists UK celebrant, school speaker or pastoral carer, you can also attend the Professionals Day on the Friday too). Message if interested :-)

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Liverpool Light Night

St.Luke's Bombed Out Church

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