What we're about

Liverpool Humanists is a local, non-religious community group interested in meeting up socially or online. A big welcome to you from our committee:

• Chair: Nick Senior

• Secretary: Mishka Bevoor

• Treasurer: Charlotte Woodworth

• Vice Chair: Negar Ashraafi

• Young Humanists Ambassador: Jenny Goldman

• Community Lead: Stephanie Thompson

• Diversity Lead: Daniel Northover

• Apostasy Support Lead: Hari Khoshi

• Events Lead: currently vacant

• Social Media Lead: Sebastian Gahan

We arrange talks and social meet ups - and also get involved with other local events, eg. Liverpool Pride and climate change demos. We organise events and activities of interest, with the aim of encouraging debate around issues related to Humanism. We want offer a safe space in which to talk and share experiences - for people who have moved away from their religious faith, or never had any in the first place.

If you have any ideas for future events or community action, please get in touch. We have new members regularly joining - come along and get involved!

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More information on our Committee Members

Chair: Nick Senior

Nick joined Defence Humanists during his service in the RAF, when he also joined Peterborough Humanists and sat for several years on the local SACRE. He returned to Merseyside after he left the forces.

Nick has found Liverpool Humanists to be a welcoming, inclusive and sociable group. He is impressed with the balance of ‘work and play’ - where the group alternate interesting and stimulating public talks, performances, or workshops with informal events where attendees simply get together, relax and have conversations with like-minded people. Nick’s vision for the group is to widen the diversity of its members and supporters, expand its community support for the Liverpool City Region, and to develop under the guidance of the membership, whilst maintaining its close working relationship with Humanists UK.

Secretary: coming soon

Treasurer: coming soon

Vice Chair: coming soon

Apostate Support Lead: Hari Khoshi

Hari is an Ex-Muslim and says he left religion because it was making him suffer. He made the decision to continue his life without religion or a belief in God and became a humanist. He says he feels this group is like family and he likes to be able to share his life experience with other members. His goal is to bring awareness of this group to more ex-religious people so that we can help each other.

Community Lead: Stephanie Thompson

During 2020, Steph will be practising as Humanist Pastoral Carer at Styal women's prison where almost two thirds of the residents have been subjected to serious abuse in their lives. With around three quarters of residents reoffending, she hopes to have the opportunity to be able to assist in their effective rehabilitation into the community - particularly in Cheshire and Merseyside.

Steph is aiming for Liverpool Humanists to become engaged much more to the benefit of the vulnerable from a range of important human(e) perspectives such as - apostates, people with mental health challenges, children being subjected to serious air pollution, and people living in poverty. She believes that we need to be well-versed in good safeguarding practices and to consider the development and growth of our resources working with other organisations to the benefit of the community.

Events Lead: Vacant - contact us if you'd like to get involved!

Young Humanists Ambassador: Jenny Goldman

Jenny is a third year Mathematics student at the University of Liverpool. As Young Humanists Ambassador on our committee she locally represents the 18-35 section of Humanists UK, arranging Young Humanists social events in Liverpool. Since December 2018, she has also become president of the University of Liverpool Humanist Society. This is a new venture at the university to represent non-religious and humanist students on campus and to share humanist ideas.

Jenny has been committed to supporting the work of Humanists UK since she first learned what the word 'Humanism' meant. In the future she hopes to involve more young people in humanist campaigns and educate people like herself who weren’t taught about this world view at school.

Diversity Lead: Daniel Northover

Daniel became an active Humanist on moving to Liverpool from London four years ago. He is involved in community projects and is a Project Manager and Life Coach. He has also recently trained as a non-religious pastoral carer.

Daniel feels very strongly about community engagement and inclusivity and intends to encourage access to Humanism to all and the building of a diverse Humanist Group.

Social Media Lead: Sebastian Gahan

Sebastian says that he has always been a Humanist but didn't fully realise this until recent years.

He is a passionate member of various social movements for change and joined our committee wanting to use his skills to help network and make the ideas behind Humanism more common knowledge - most importantly, to promote the positive and inclusive thing he knows it to be.

Sebastian wants to use his already established network and experience to enhance the digital capabilities of Liverpool Humanists and inspire the wider community to get involved. Gatherings of Humanists have changed the world and will continue to, even in the digital realm.

Upcoming events (1)

Humanism at Home – our Monthly “Drop-in and Chat” Coffee Morning

Click to attend and we'll share the link privately with you before the event… then just drop in! Come and go as you please; you don't even need to get dressed! BYOB (Bring Your Own Brew) On the first Saturday of the month between 9 & 11AM

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