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Hello, my name is Ian Hobbs and I am the organiser of our photography Meetup Group. I live in Manchester and will need the help of local Liverpool based members to help run our group.

This group is for anyone interested in all areas of photography. Let's get out not just in Liverpool, but in the North West and photograph. This group is to arrange photowalks, as well as to inform you about interesting events happening in and around Liverpool that could be fun to shoot.

Our group is open to anybody that enjoys taking photos, regardless of what kind of camera you use. From a smartphone to a top of the range full frame DSLR. All are very welcome.

Our Meetups should have a social element built into them, making use of cafes or bars as part of the Meetup.

This is a none profit making Meetup group and I have removed the £1 attendance fee. As this is my second meetup group and I think I can have up to 3 groups with my account payment. So our group is free.

In addition to our Meetup group we have. A Liverpool Photography Meetup Facebook group can be found @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/188192325241080/ , where they have more discussion, weekly challenges and monthly competitions. Please feel free to join if you are on Facebook.

If you're interested in being an event organiser, and organising events then let me know. The more members we have, willing to organise events. Will make our group stronger.

Please I must stress the need for people to make an effort to actually attend Meetups, that they have rsvp attending. Or let the event organiser know and change their rsvp to not attending if something else comes up, and can't attend.

A number of our group members have raised concerns about people not showing up to our Meetups without changing their rsvp’s to not attending or contacting the event organiser. This has lead to event organisers and members waiting for people that don’t show up. Many Meetup group have a three no show and out rule.

So if a member fails to turn up for Meetups three times without changing their rsvp to not attending or contacting the event organiser. They will be removed from the group. However, they will not be banded and will have the option of re-applying for group membership.

Nobody will be asked to leave the for not being able to attend any of or Meetups if they change their rsvp to no attending. Thank you


Best regards,

Ian Hobbs

Upcoming events (5)

don mccullin exhibition tate

Tate Liverpool

Adding this no definite date For future reference event See if any one is interested then set date may be late roman on when things are back to normal Discover the work of legendary British photographer Don McCullin (b. 1935). See more than 250 iconic photographs captured over the last 60 years. The exhibition includes poignant images of conflict taken in Vietnam and Syria. These will be shown alongside photographs of the UK, which depict scenes of working-class life in the industrial north and London's East End. On display will be some of McCullin's most recent landscape photography taken in the artist’s home county of Somerset

Lunar/Chinese New Year 2021

China town

Chinese New Year event in Liverpool by china town arch I've added the time table of events More info when we find out You are responsible for your self and items Feel free to bring friends Does any body want co host

St Patrick’s Day Parade Tuesday 17th March 2021

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

St Patrick’s Day Parade Tuesday 17th March Follow the parade get photos before they set off and get coffee afterwards look at each other's photos Feel free to bring friends You are responsible for your self and items Will add more info when available

Student Colour Run Liverpool 2021

Bedford Street North

Looks like fun event We can socially distance Sun, May 9,[masked]:00 PM – 4:30 PM Student Colour Run Liverpool 2021 Colour Run Liverpool is a 5K un-timed run, starting and finishing outside Liverpool University Sports and Fitness Centre. Participants throw coloured powder on each other before the run while enjoying the big stage madness with great music and a mass warm-up. Bring protection for your camera just in case it is madness See through bag may surfice with hole for lens cut out May be not wear your best clothes or again buy cheap festival poncho from Poundland or home and bargain You are responsible for your self and items

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