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This is public presentation on the Global awakening phenomenon, Why it is happening. How it's affecting people. How to smoothly transition and integrate the awakening energy into your life.

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Embracing Your Greatness and Stopping Self Sabbotage

StoneWater Zen Centre


This a public and interactive workshop on how to break free from the matrix and the satanic energy which controls it. We live in the age of mis-information. So many people are being sidetracked, mislead, and withheld from discovering the TRUTH from so called 'New Age' movements and bogus Spiritual teachers. This workshop is about giving you the truth and a 'Spiritual toolkit' which will help and support your soul to break free from the satanic conditioning and mind control you recieve from the womb to the grave. In this workshop we will explore how our 'conditioned' state of being misleads us and keeps us from our 'authentic' self expression. Here we will explore how and why this takes place and how we can dissolve these emotional blockages so we can access our 'inherent' greatness and 'inner light'... and more effectively and purposefully navigate our lives. We will start this workshop with a simple breathing and relaxing meditation. We will follow with a presenation which is interactive including pair-work and team-work. We will be using some creative and play therapy. I will also be inviting people to share their experiences with the group (This is optional). This is the second workshop in a series of three covering this topic. At the end of the session we will do some vigorous breathing and body moving and finish with some sound therapy as well. There will be 10 early bird tickets released via eventbrite priced at £17.00 *Please note that hot and cold beverages will be provided, please feel free to bring sandwiches or food with you to eat at the break. There will be a 30min break for snacks and tea. For further information on Kiran Essene please visit her website: www.purveyoroftruth.co.uk

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