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3 awesome amigos! Gwen, Ash & Gem; Monitoring, Continuous Delivery & Mindfulness

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We have not one, not two, but three awesome speakers for you, so before you put your mankinis on, before you get that high octane orange spray tan for your hols, come and get a large dose of testing awesomeness

We have two of testing hottest properties, Gwen Diagram @gwendiagram, and Ash Winter @northern_tester (they're a couple, so no cracking on to Ash you horny ladies) both from SkyBet (not to be confused with SkyNet):

Gwen ( help us determine our application's heartbeat through monitoring and logging

You’ve deployed to live but can you actually tell that your application is healthy? This talk discusses how monitoring and logging can provide vital information for the live team to enable them to support the application and how monitoring and logging can be an invaluable resource for the test team. Looking at different layers of monitoring and different levels of logging, this talk with provide information on how to create logging and monitoring to build a system where the state is known and how to use these resources to help you test.

Ash ( talk us through his ideas on testers being Part of the Pipeline & how we can test in Continuous Delivery:

Nobody /really/ likes change, it’s human nature. Testers have a special relationship with changing tools and techniques, they change and we tend to flounder a little and end up very nervous about our place in the new world. Continuous delivery is one such circumstance, I see and speak to many testers really struggling. However, with a significant shift in outlook and a chunk of personal development testers can excel in environments such as these. It’s time to start to get out in front of a changing world, rather than always battling to catch up.

I want to share my experience of adding value as a tester in a continuous delivery environment, what new technologies and techniques I've learned, using your Production environment as an oracle, advocating testability and most crucially, not overestimating what our testing can achieve. Testing is not the only form of feedback, it’s time to let go of some the aspects of testing we cling to.

Continuous delivery adds richness and variety to our role as testers. To me, it is a facilitator for the autonomy and respect that testers have craved for a long time, so let’s get involved...

Then if that's not enough, we have Gem Hill from Let's Talk About Tests Baby ( podcast coming to finish off the night.

I will be talking about how we can use strategies taught in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy/Mindfulness to help us be a better and happier tester regardless of our mental health status, and if we're up for it, I'll do a couple of minutes of mindful breathing at the end of the talk to help us on our way to the after party!

We have the amazing QASymphony ( as sponsors

We have the awesome Launch22 as hosts

We'll have pizza, beer, and wine, We'll have fun, we'll learn, and we'll make new friends

Book your place now, don't make me track you down it, book it now



Gwen Diagram is a tester from Leeds although she was originally from Australia. She accidentally moved to England after waking up one Sunday and deciding to travel to the UK to see the recently reformed Jesus and Mary Chain. She has been a tester for six years and is 1/7th of the Leeds Testing Atelier crew. Some of her favorite things are pigeons, real ale, dinosaurs and monitoring.


Ash Winter is a learning tester, conference speaker, unashamed internal critic, with an eye for an untested assumption or claim. Veteran of various roles encompassing testing, performance engineering and automation. As a team member delivering mobile apps and web services or a leader of teams and change. He helps teams think about testing problems, asking questions and coaching when invited.

A co-organizer for the Leeds Testing Atelier (, a full day testing workshop. Its mission is to give those involved in testing a platform to share their stories. It attracts over 100 attendees from various disciplines.


Gem Hill is a web tester, specialising in Drupal testing. She has a testing podcast called Let's Talk About Tests Baby (, which covers all areas of testing, and a new podcast on mental health called Inner Pod. She can be found on twitter at @gem_hill (, @LetsTalkTests ( @InnerPod (