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Would you love a night out to the theatre, but are struggling to find someone who shares your passion?

Then worry not - this group has been created so that like-minded, fun-loving theatre goers in Liverpool are not lost for company when attending Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre.

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A Friendly Meal and a Performance of "My Fairfield Lady"

Royal Court Theatre


Mary is in the Royal on her way out. She’s not too bothered though, she’s had a good innings. Came from nothing and ended up running her husband’s company – one of the biggest scaffolders in the North West. There’s a tidy amount to leave behind and just her only child, Higson, to leave it to. Nice lad but a bit of a biff. He needs a good woman to take him in hand. A good scouse woman. Lizzie runs the posh florist in Liverpool 1. She's from old money in Cheshire but now has no money in Fairfield, she’s got airs and graces that she can’t afford. She and Higson hit it off, but she needs to pass herself off as a scouser to land the jackpot. She’s going to need some lessons, lucky that her mate Sandra is there to lend a hand.

Meal and a show - Lost Soul 2

Royal Court Theatre


Dave Kirby (Brick Up The Mersey Tunnels, Lost Soul, Council Depot Blues, Reds & Blues, The Wrath of Ann Twacky, Barry White Christmas) is back with a brand new sequel to Lost Soul, the huge smash hit comedy that has been seen by more than 50,000 people. Smigger’s having a mid-life crisis. All he wants to do is roll back the years and dance to 70's soul music with Donna, Terry and Pat. But since the grandkid came along, Donna hasn’t been interested in their usual Sunday nights in town (or much else). Their daughter hasn’t helped, lumbering them with the baby most weekends while she's out with the dad. Well, maybe the dad (it’s a one in four chance). Smigger's had enough, his head’s wrecked and he’s not having it any more. Smigger, Donna, Terry and Pat will take us from Scottie road to Pontins Prestatyn to Liverpool’s over-40's Sunday night pub scene for endless laughter set to a 70s' soul soundtrack that will have you dancing out of the Royal Court and strutting straight down to Smokie Mo’s.

Dinner and a Show - Scouse Pacific

Royal Court Theatre


This Summer why not get away from it all? Let us take you across the oceans to the exotic uncharted island of Secosu where many years ago shipwrecked stowaway Billy Riley from Walton was washed ashore. Finding himself on an island that was populated mainly by women, Billy made the most of it and now, in 2019, his legacy continues - an island community of Scousers in the South Pacific! Raised on sunshine, bananas and stories of “home” evolution has created a Scouse master race. The girls wear home-made Ugg boots, pyjamas and rollers, and the lads hunt and fish wearing trackie bottoms and trainers. Secosu is still uncharted which is very frustrating for Donna-Marie who longs to set sail for Liverpool, the land of her ancestors. Living in paradise is all well and good, but when the only thing to eat is bananas then it does get a little tedious. But just when she thought things couldn't get any worse a church missionary somehow manages to find his way to the island. Will their missionary position be a success? First produced in 2010, this was the comedy that started the Royal Court style Christmas shows. Packed with catchy songs and cracking one-liners it takes a look at the other side of our family tree, and shows you what happens when you let a randy Scouser loose on a sun drenched island full of lonely women.

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