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A MEETUP for CLEAN & SOBER people who are Livin Life Clean-n-Sober; either attending AA, NA, CA, any 12 step support group, in Recovery or someone who simply has a faith, path, or otherwise healthy life style and abstains from drugs/alcohol…

Here we post MEETUPS/ACTIVITIES for singles/couples of all ages who are Livin Life Clean-n-Sober...

Meet other local people who may be members of various 12-step programs and or a spiritually based organization or program who are also walking a path of self discovery and are also “Livin Life Clean & Sober”, either attending counseling, therapy, 12-step meetings, rational recovery, church based support groups, or having any other means of personal recovery program in which they are living a healthier life style by choice. For anyone having a spiritual belief, religion or life style that includes, suggests or requires abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Dating as a single person in recovery or person on a spiritual path or having a lifestyle which does not include drinking or partying; presents it’s challenges (as if dating itself isn't hard enough!). We shall strive to provide a safe, secure, comfortable environment whereas to meet other like minded persons on a same or similar spiritual path or road of recovery; “Livin Life Clean & Sober”.

This is a social networking group where you can have a chance to meet each other, make new friends while joining each other for fun events and activities which are NOT primarily based on drinking. All clean and sober and like minded people and singles are invited to attend our meetups. This includes anyone who doesn’t require or need to have a few drinks in order to loosen up for a meet and greet. We can do it together and break the ice clean & sober all knowing that for starters, we already have one thing in common, abstinence from alcohol & drugs, recovery, healthy life style and or a path of spirituality. Just for today, for a change, we won’t be worried if our new acquaintances are going to order a drink or ask us why we aren’t drinking today.

Maybe we will simply meet at a Clean & Sober Single's home or clubhouse. Maybe we will all join each other at a Meeting and then from there go hang out at; coffee house, restaurant for snack, desert or pizza, tavern or at a fun event, or for an activity such as bowling, movie, dancing, live band, all with the safety and security in knowing that when we get there, at least our group will not be drinking today. We are stronger and safer in numbers.

The events we can come up with may include bowling, dancing, hiking, running, fitness class, movies, church function or activity, spiritual lecture, dinners, music festivals, board game events, volleyball, ice skating, tubing, outdoor concerts and plays, and other outdoors activities such as hikes, fitness classes, yoga, Tai Chi, pottery making or craft class, etc.

Although, all are welcome, it might be best that each person who joins us have at least 90 days and or is in attendance with their sponsor. We don't want the entire meeting to be focused on day-to-day drama or someone who is in crisis, but more about having fun with like minded clean & sober souls and creating a safe platform for singles to hang out and meet each other to discuss anything from recovery, the steps, work, a new social network, social events or sporting events, maybe even the prospect of dating!

While this will be a great place to meet for a support meeting of sorts, or otherwise support, and certainly many mini-meetings will simply break out and unfold organically when two or more meet, our primary focus will be to create an environment of like minded people and for singles who may share a similar path.

We are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Sufis, Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Druids or any other practitioner of a spiritual path or religion who are staying clean and sober. Come to share your experiences, strength and hope with others on a like path and maybe even with someone you like more than just a support person and friend.

Post a message with some suggestions and let’s get this thing going. Let’s create a safe atmosphere for like minded individuals to meet a new partner, friend or date.

What if we could have our own meetups? Maybe even in drinking establishments but in numbers of people who are all NON-drinkers? First and foremost, supporting one another on this journey. Doesn't this give us enough to start talking about already no matter where we are or what we do?

Some of us have found in our own personal discovery was that when we would initially meet people, we were apprehensive about disclosing the fact that we were in recovery. Our experiences in the past have been that most "Normies" don't get it. Their responses: "So you’re a drunk?" "So you’re into drugs?" "So you can't drink cause you can't handle it?" "So, what do you do for fun?" "You’re not one of those alcoholics who can't drink cause you can't handle it are you?" Does everyone have to drink to socialize or have fun? We think not!

why hang around with people whose primary focus is on drinking? ... If you're in the program, recovery, on a spiritual path or live a healthy life style free from drugs and alcohol, maybe you can't drink and quite simply, CHOOSE not to drink or use anymore. One thought is that meeting rooms are places for fellowship, not picking up dates or for 13 stepping. What are the options? Why do all the single clubs, groups, focus on events that involve drinking, wine tasting, a jog or 5k run followed by beers, etc.? What if there was a group, a club, a meetup of like minded individuals whose primary purpose is to remain abstinent of alcohol and drugs, and have a platform from which to meet others, friends with the same primary purpose and goals? Most of us realize that we are in fact on a spiritual path, working a recovery program, living a healthy life style or doing what's based for our own faith, and most of us are probably better off hanging out with others with similar goals and interests rather than trying to fit in with the in-crowd at the local brewery for happy hour.

Join us, and Live Life Clean & Sober!

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