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Welcome, so happy you have joined us here. This is a spot to for anyone who wants to learn about or share information on living a chemically reduced life. Empowering families to live their best most healthy and green life is what we'd like to do here. We will be sharing about how we live our lives, reducing the chemicals that lurk everywhere, from our food, to our cleaning supplies, to our home care products, our make up and beyond.

We love using essential oils and essential oil infused products. Together we'll share and explore how many families and communities use essential oils to reduce chemicals in their daily lives. We’ll also share lifestyle tips, healthy recipes and DIY ideas for living a more chemically reduced life. You will also receive invitations to our area events that you can attend to explore chemically reduced living through the essential oils, clean cooking, make and takes and more.

Thank you for joining us here! We look forward to going a little greener with you!


The Living A Chemically Reduced Life Team!

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Aromatherapy 101

Beverly Athletic Club

Walking into the kitchen to the smell of banana bread baking in the oven instantly transports me to my grandma's kitchen with its big stove and her in her apron and skirt, smiling at me with some flour on her hands. It's such a happy memory. It makes me smile, feel warm and filled with joy. This is in the simplest form, aromatherapy. However, there is so much more to aromatherapy than just smelling something and watching your mood change. Essential oils have the ability to improve our health and wellness and transform our homes into natural havens for our families. There's no better time to explore aromatherapy than today. We see essential oils in many places where we shop. They are in retail stores, supermarkets, big box stores, convenience stores and more. The first time I used an essential oil I was a bit intimidated and had lots of questions. How do we use them? What’s the best one? What do they smell like? Are all essential oils created equally? What’s the best method for disbursing essential oils? We’ll discuss all these questions and demystify essential oil use in aromatherapy. Taking the guess work out of selecting oils, makes the result more powerful. Let’s get together and demystify these little gems. Join us for this empowering workshop. We will smell and explore some amazing oils as we unravel the mystery behind essential oils and aromatherapy. We will share how you can use aromatherapy to enhance your workouts, your spa experiences, sleep, immunity and more. We look forward to having you join us for this workshop. This is a free workshop. All are welcome! Cheers, Maria & Amy

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