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There Are Two Great Days In A Person’s Life – The Day We Are Born, And

… The Day We Discover Why”

Welcome to the Living A Meaningful Life Meetup group!

A) What is my life purpose, why am I really here?

There must be more to life than increasing profits. Or making more money; this will bring more comfort and convenience, but does it bring lasting fulfilment? So, how can you contribute to the world in some way - for the benefit of others and yourself?

B) What do I really want to do, be or achieve?

What are your talents, what are you good at – and enjoy doing?!

C) What keeps getting in my way?

Become of aware of the fears, programming and conditionings of our education, society and culture, which tell us to see and do things a certain way; or what your life is supposed to be.

When you can bring together these 3 things – why, what and how – that’s what creates the energy to live a meaningful life.

The purpose of this group is to bring like minded people together. Here is a good opportunity to learn the road maps and sign posts of living life with meaningful happiness. The group will meet regularly to explore the important questions about life and learn how to help each other grow. Anyone interested and comfortable with interacting in English is welcome. No advance preparation or knowledge is required. All our meetings are free of charge, but we occasionally pass the hat to collect money for operating expenses. Presently the group meets once a month in the evening.

10 Reasons to join the Living A Meaningful Life Group

1. Discover who you really are and what you're meant to be.

2. Learn how to become a better and happier person.

3. Discover your purpose and passion for living.

4. Discover the roadmap to fulfill your mission in life.

5. Learn what makes for the good life and how to achieve it.

6. Develop a positive and hopeful mindset.

7. Learn how to make a difference in the world.

8. Learn the keys to better relationships.

9. Learn how to transform crises into opportunities.

10. Meet new friends and help each other to grow.

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