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Kalpataru - Manifest Your Reality - FREE 1 day workshop
Get your desires fulfilled - learn the Science of Kalpataru, the Science of Manifesting your Reality! This FREE workshop can be done online from your home, Satsang centres near you or directly in Bidadi, India. For more info, please see: Each of us want to achieve so many things in life. Sometimes things happen effortlessly, sometimes with struggle, sometimes even after so much effort, it just doesn't seem to move. Have we ever thought why? Is it how it is meant to be? Or just that you have not put the effort in the right direction? How do you know? Is it your bad luck that you couldn't achieve what you want? Or is it that someone else is stopping it? How can you break the barriers and achieve what you want in life? Sanatana Hindu Dharma has the Science of Manifesting your Reality and our beloved Swamiji - His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda has made it into an easy-to-learn and apply science. People who have attended this program have had: - Chronic diseases are miraculously healed. - Completely out of Financial instabilities - Relationship problems are sorted out effortlessly - Miracles of transformation happen - A deep sense of fulfilment and joy is experienced Includes: - Group blessings and initiation into the Powers of the Third Eye by the Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami - In this program, you will be manifesting the third eye power of “Consciousness over Matter” - If done directly in Bidadi, India - you will be initiated into a very ancient Agamic ritualistic initiation called Shiva Deeksha Level 1 For more info, please contact us via: Phone/ Watsapp: [masked] Email: [masked] Web: Video: Classes & Workshops:

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What we're about

“Conscious Living is Living Enlightenment.
Let's Co-create and Manifest our Realities together!”

This is a group for anyone interested to learn and experience Conscious Living - Living Enlightenment! We want to experience, explore & share the wisdom and techniques from the Vedic tradition (which encompasses various traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, mystic Christianity, Sufism, Sikhism and many other ancient but highly evolved traditions) that would bring us closer and closer to our true, original Self. Whatever your age, background and faith, we welcome you with Advaita (Oneness, Unity) to join and meet like-minded individuals. Let us begin the journey into the Self, experience transformations and breakthroughs in manifesting our realities (Wealth, Health, Relationships, Fulfilment, Enlightenment - any reality you wish to create) and grow together as co-creators in the process!

Best of all, we experience constant expansion under the guidance of a Living Enlightened Master who can transmit lifetimes of wisdom as an experience to others. We currently explore these topics from an experiential context via Classes, Workshops, Webinars, Skype sessions & Casual Meetups in various locations:

- Self-Enquiry: exploring Perception, Cognition, "Who am I"?

- The Science of Completion & Fulfilment

- How to Manifest your Reality in any area of your life, the Science of Prayer

- Teamily/ Sangha: The Science and Art of experiencing Non-Duality & One-ness with Everything (Advaita) - The Science of Spiritual Healing & Free Healing Service - Breaking Patterns (food, sleep, addictions, etc) with a Healthy Body, Mind & Conscious lifestyle - Yoga and Kriya techniques for specific disorders like Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Low self esteem, etc (without side-effects!) - Meditations ranging from dynamic, fun techniques to intense, silent methods - Spreading awareness on Vedic Sciences & Arts : Masters, Mystical Powers, The Power of Initiation/ Energy transmission, Materialisation/ Teleportation, Mystery of Birth and Death, Kundalini Awakening, Recognizing divinity in form (Deities/ Yantra, Mantra, Tantra) and the formless.

- Exploring and Promoting the Ayurvedic lifestyle ...and much more! Let us know if you wish to see topics of your interest in upcoming sessions!

Be Blissful!

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