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This is a group created for authentic seekers looking to experience and expand their life through living enlightenment.An eternal state of being fully expanded in blissful awareness and consciousness. This is the original space of all beings. Sat-chit-ananda, ‘Being- Consciousness- Bliss”. Many are still living life with an acorn mentality. We have no idea who We are or what We are. We only believe what others have defined US as. The truth is we are programmed for much greater things. We strive, we are driven, we are curious and we are expanded if only by default of desires. But when we consciously choose to live and to be more than what we think we are and greater than the circumstances we find ourselves in, whatever that may be, we experience this deeper truth. Living our peak potential is the highest Love we can cause. When we apply spiritual truths as solutions, miracles happen, life flows!

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