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Are you truly happy with life?
Do you find contentment in daily living?
Many of us encounter moments of relaxation and peace, but find that stress and anxiety invade the core of our being.
What can we do about the growing epidemic of depression and negative emotions that are causing so many good people to suffer?
I'm not sure if even our wisest professionals will ever discover a definitive answer, but one thing is for sure; things will never change if we don't try. The amount of medication that is prescribed in our world is staggering and increasing daily.
Is this the only answer?
What else can we do for ourselves and our communities?
How about...SUPPORT?
This is what we are all about. Let's create a safe environment for people to gather and discuss how we can break the chains that try to bind our spirit. We owe it to ourselves and those who care about us.

We will be meeting Tuesday evenings in order to explore solutions to some of our greatest concerns and discover new freedoms. Our inspiration comes from different professional resources and life experience. This is work that is sometimes difficult and incredibly rewarding. Understanding ourselves is key as we progress towards a better life and together, we can find ways to make our world a little brighter; It truly does begin with each of us. Community is very powerful; solitude can be painful.

Join us and walk a path to a better tomorrow...I hope to see you there.

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Living Free- Break the chains that bind us!

Plainville Public Library

Last one! Living Free- Break the chains that bind us!

Plainville Public Library

Reminder Living Free and Healthy!

Plainville Public Library

Tonight! Living Free and Healthy! You're worth it!

Plainville Public Library

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