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Living Freedom meetups attract a new generation interested in getting to grips with the complexities and contradictions of freedom in the twenty-first century.

Come along to explore ideas, engage in debates and thought-provoking conversations and to meet and socialise with your peers.

We believe that tolerance is a fundamental value and subscribe to the idea of ‘freedom for freedom’s sake’. Join us for discussions in our ‘existentialist café’ that pops up in venues around London and the UK.

As well as curated talks and in-conversations with writers and critics, we host film clubs and book discussions and organise gallery tours and guided history walks.

From Socrates to Sartre and from free thinkers to artistic freedom, this is your chance to hear about and explore the ideas that have shaped historical and contemporary freedoms. And to discuss and socialise with those who want to shape our future freedoms.

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'The Witch': Living Freedom Film Club

CIEE Global Institute London


'The Witch' is the Sundance prize-winning film from Robert Eggers who has just released 'The Lighthouse'. Ahead of Living Freedom School 2020, this is an opportunity to chat about some themes that we’ll get to grips with at the school including demonology, heresy and moral panics. Set in early 17th century, Robert Eggers’s Sundance prize-winning feature debut 'The Witch: A New-England Folktale' tells the story of a puritanical English family’s torment as they’re exiled to the wilderness from their New World community. This is the age when anxieties about witchcraft and anti-witch hysteria were gathering momentum. While the film is heavy on period detail, reviewers have said it also speaks to important issues our times. What does this 21st century take on the figure of the witch tell us about then and now? After the film, there will be a short 'in-conversation' with Maren Thom, a researcher in film, freelance writer and director, acting workshops and Jo Herlihy, author of 'Alchemy: a search for truth' £3 entry payable on the door covers popcorn and a glass of wine / beer

'Sticks and Stones': play followed by Q & A; Tristan Bates Theatre, London

We'll meet at the Tristan Bates Theatre to see the new play ‘Sticks and Stones’ which explores some thorny questions related to identity politics, class and freedom of speech. After the play, Living Freedom hosts a special in-conversation with the writer Dameon Garnett and director Rasheka Christie-Carter. This meetup is a special collaboration with The Actors Centre who are offering tickets to anyone attending as part of Living Freedom at a reduced price of £5 (full price is £15). Please make the payment through Paypal below. The play runs for an hour. After the Q & A session we'll continue the discussion over drinks. 'STICKS AND STONES' (2020) see https://www.actorscentre.co.uk/theatre/sticks-and-stones ‘Under the law you are guilty, I would say, of a hate crime’. Afua, a black senior manager in a secondary school, is asked to investigate online comments by a white colleague, Tina; a woman she thought was a friend. Do Tina’s comments constitute hate speech, and, if so, should the police get involved? Afua has always fought for women’s rights, and Tina is a wronged woman, but with an axe to grind that even Afua is not prepared for. In an intensely claustrophobic setting, the clash between the two women becomes increasingly explosive; opening up questions around speech, power, race and class, that perhaps modern Britain is not ready to answer. ‘You can’t deny Garnett’s bruising energy’; Michael Billington, The Guardian STICKS AND STONES 'IN-CONVERSATION' WRITER, DAMEON GARNETT Playwright Dameon Garnett has had three plays receive their world premieres at the Finborough Theatre – '17'; his Time Out Critics’ Choice play, 'Break Away', which starred Tina Malone, and 'Follow'. His first play, 'New Year’s Day', was performed at the Royal Court Young Writers’ Festival, starring Michael Angelis. He also received a playwriting bursary from the Soho Theatre. In 2013 he was invited to become a member of the Studio Group at the Royal Court Theatre. DIRECTOR, RASHEKA CHRISTIE-CARTER Director Rasheka Christie-Carter is an emerging new talent direct from the Young Vic Directors Program. In 2019 she directed her first One Act play at the Rudolf Steiner Theatre, ‘Blind Date’, with Get Over It Productions. CHAIR Alastair Donald, convenor, Living Freedom

Living Freedom School - Heretics and dissidents: challenging orthodoxies in 2020

CIEE Global Institute London


Applications* are now welcome for Living Freedom annual residential school -open to anyone aged 18- to 25-years-old. The theme this year is 'Heretics and dissidents: challenging orthodoxies in 2020'. Below is an overview - and a full programme of lectures, workshops and debates is available on the Living Freedom website To live and think freely has always meant challenging orthodoxies. Traditionally, when free thinkers, such as philosophers and scientists, experimented and explored new ideas, they were branded heretics and could face persecution for deviating from received wisdom. Today, Western societies see themselves as open and tolerant. But is heretic-hunting making a comeback? After all, from the campus to the workplace, whether our sincerely held views or the words we use, dissenting from the norm can be perilous. What are today’s orthodoxies and why do they so rapidly take root? What is heresy and who are the heretics of today? For those seeking to live freely today, could the figure of the heretic be something to aspire to? An outline programme and full details of how to apply can be found on the website https://theboi.co.uk/livingfreedom2020 *Please note that only 45 places available. Attendance is via application and a competitive selection process

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Living Freedom Xmas Bash Balloon Debate

CIEE Global Institute London


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