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Living Life Larger: Down The Rabbit Hole - Experts Discussion Show
This is an additional show to the main show. Here a panel of selected experts will discuss aspects of well-being raised in the previous show, in addition to answering viewers questions sent via social media. Please note: there will now no longer be any studio audience for this show. Can all guests please bring photo ID for when you arrive.

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New Kings Beam House

22 Upper Ground · London

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“A really fun and warm event laid on by Stephen and his crew. They created a friendly, uplifting atmosphere from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. I (in fact we all) found the broadcast itself to be very professional, informative and interactive. I even made some new friends that evening. A great experience guys, thank you.”

Living Life Larger is a twice monthly audience interactive on-demand Web TV show all about the topic of well-being. It's designed for the people by the people. And we want you to get involved.

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Poor well-being and mental health are 21st century First world problems. Millions are struggling to cope with day to day living. Globally, an estimated 300 million people are affected by depression.

Yet every day the mainstream media is telling us how to improve our personal well-being. These articles tell us to do things like: take a walk in nature; think more positively; exercise more; improve our diet.

Yet this advice is clearly not going deep enough, examining the root causes of the problem, presenting people with credible tangible solutions suited to their lives.

This is what this show will do. By continually exploring all aspects of the well-being spectrum, we will dissect, debate and seek to provide solutions, working to empower the audience, providing them with new perspectives and tools to help them take control of their lives and improve their own personal well-being.

Our aim: to make the world conscious.

Ultimately the show will be showcasing people’s stories. About how different belief systems and practices have helped people overcome their problems, bringing them sustained happiness and well-being.


A presenter led TV show, we are looking for participants who have an interest in this subject matter to work in a number of different areas, such as:

* Getting involved with onscreen activities, live on air

* Contributing to live on air panel discussions

* Sharing their own well-being stories with the world

*All contributions will be voluntary*

The show is broadcasts to the world twice a month, streaming live to the world via YouTube. Episodes of the show are afterwards available to watch on-demand at

If you want to get involved, register your interest with this MeetUp group now or submit any questions you may have to

Further information will be released via group emails to all member registered on this group and via

To get regular notifications of when new content is broadcasting, subscribe to our YouTube channel at

Living Life Larger is a co-production between Touchlife Productions Ltd and Methodworks Production Ltd. The show is presented by Stephen Surridge - a.ka. Mr Happiness 2000

* Please note: Living Life Larger does in no way endorse, promote or condone the principles of Scientology, the show being objective in its analysis of well-being and the Mind.

The Church is simply providing the show with the use of its facilities free of charge to produce the show on a twice monthly basis, for which we are incredibly grateful.

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