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This group is for women in transition who lost their passion for life because of the past loss or wasted efforts. If you want to reinvent yourslef from the inside out, stop straggling with life, and find your passion and authentic power. If you are sick and tired of working for somebody else and complaining, if you want adventurous, passionate and fulfilled live, or if you want to reconstruct your nervous system so you can be more playful and receptive to opportunities, success, and have personal satisfaction, this group will support you in that.

In order for us to live our dreams and thrive, we must learn how to release our past traumas and limiting beliefs. We will do this through practicing art, visualizations, meditation, dance, and music. This groups is about releasing dysfunctional patters that block the flow of abundance in your life and reprogram your brain to be in the abundant state of being 24/7. My vision for this group is to support you in every step of this process by keeping you inspired, passionate and accountable. With the support of this group you will be in charge of your destiny, creating your own version of realty, and getting tangible results in your personal and professional life.

Every meeting you will focus on one aspect of your life that you want to let go of, transform or expand. This group will provide all the support and resources to you so you can success in achieving your goal and your vision! If you are sick and tired of working at the 9-5 job and want to discover your passion, stand up and stand out, and get heard, this group will support you be the best version of yourself!

We look forward to meeting you soon. :)

Irina Maryanchick, Organizer, Living Life on your Own Terms Meetup Group

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