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Congratulations on finding us. The last thing you needed, on top of chronic illness, is the frustration of finding help. Hopefully this group will help.

I didn't start this group and it's not mine. It's ours. Just like the dreaded pirate Roberts in Princess Bride, it was passed on to me after it was passed on to them. Thanks to those before me. I hope I continue the group as it was intended.

Here are my proposed goals for the group:

1. Equal time for equal pain. No one likes to talk more than I do, but equal time should be had by all. Wait, I'm not finished yet.

2. We laugh, we cry, even if you're a guy. Rhyming is not required.

3. Accommodate the accommodations. Sit, stand, or lay. Light, sound, and smells can all be adjusted to fit your needs. Please: shower-yes, perfume-no. Make-up is optional, clothing is not.

4. Too late, too early, wrong day, right place. We adjust as needed to be accessible to those interested in attending. If you don't have a horse in the race you can't complain about the track.

5. Nothing leaves the room. Well, we do, but what we say doesn't. Well, I guess it does, in our heads. It just should stay there. Unless we forget it, which is also ok.

6. All other guidelines to be determined. And determined we will be. In helping each other.

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