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What we're about

We are dynamic, multi-faceted, exquisitely messy creatures.

Confined and defined by normalcy, stereotypes, and protection of the status quo... it can feel as if the only choice is to fit in or be an outcast.

At war with our self and the world, we learn to hide certain parts, presenting only the pre-packaged versions that are acceptable. Even if we express 99% truth, we keep the most vulnerable parts locked away where no one can find them.

The thing is…

What if the very parts we hide are the best parts of us? What if those parts are what makes each of us extraordinary? The undefinable “something” each one of us has. What if sharing our unique quirks and connecting with others who appreciate them is the key to unlock joy, love, acceptance, and success in life?

At Living Quirky, this is why we celebrate a new way of being. We’re freer than ever to be who we are. Expanding far beyond the conventionally labeled boxes that have confined us.

So, if we're all different, what connects us?

Unified by a declaration, a commitment to respect and accept ALL of who we are.

We choose to relate to our self with deeper truth and unconditional love.

We choose to cheer each other on in celebration of our diversity.

We choose to belong, centered in the peace of our QuirkPower.

--> Read more of our Declaration of the QuirkNation by clicking here (!

We love Meetup as a platform for connecting as a community in real life, in New York City.

Deciding to focus on quality over quantity, we offer 3 event types every month:

1. The Quirk Games - social connection around card + board games and getting to know each other.

2. The Quirk Thing: A Stage for the Unconventional - show&tell meets story-time meets talent show. Inspiration + expression.

3. Quirkshops - ... coming soon!

At our events, we foster an atmosphere centered around:

- Curiosity, playfulness, joy... where we delight in our expressions and embrace the spirit of adventure.

- Appreciation, kindness, love... where we embrace the out of the ordinary and honor all shades and varieties of humanity.

- Courage, vulnerability, imagination... where we surrender what "should" or "should not" be and invite the wiggly, mysteries of life.

We are Living Quirky. The Quirksters of the QuirkNation. And, we wholeheartedly welcome you into our Quirkdom! With oodles of wiggle room to relax, breathe, and to explore fully and deeply.

Join us in NYC + online at (!!! Cheers to connecting!

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