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This is a space and time in which we can explore the deeper things in life—the questions we don’t usually have the opportunity to discuss in our everyday lives. We use books as the catalyst and framework for our conversation. Beyond that, we help and encourage each other to live out the realizations we have.

I don’t pretend to know all the answers, and I encourage everyone to share their experiences, thoughts, and opinions in a respectful and kind way. In the process, I think we can go beyond where it is possible to go on our own and can explore new avenues we may not yet have known were possible.

This group is a safe space where I have met amazing and wonderful people who give me hope for the world.

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Tao and Sexuality: Live Q&A with Living Tao Author Ilchi Lee

Join "Living Tao" author Ilchi Lee in a YouTube live with Brain Education TV. He'll be answering questions on the topic of spirituality in sex and sexual relationships. You'll have the opportunity to chat live, ask questions, and hear directly from Ilchi Lee.

Questions that will be answered:
1. Sex is a very important aspect of having a fulfilling relationship and marriage. But, some may find themselves feeling sexually unhappy with their partner and also not knowing what is missing. What do we need to do or prepare both individually and as a couple to create a beautiful, fulfilling, and happy sex life together?

2. There are some men and women who experience intense sexual urges that result in compulsive action to release sexual energy. Is sex and sexual energy an obstacle to spiritual growth and enlightenment? If so, how can we redirect our sexual energy to propel spiritual growth? In other words, how can we stop fighting with our sexual energy, and instead, develop a good relationship with it?

3. Spiritual sexual union is typically described as yin (female energy) coming together with yang (male energy). Is that possible only between a man and woman? Can same sex couples experience a spiritual sexual union as well?

4. What happens to the energy in my body during sex? Are there things couples can do to connect spiritually and energetically to exchange deep love?

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