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This group is for those who want to do more in life by ridding themselves of unecessary things and continue their journey by eventually becoming a minamilst. We all at some point of time have asked ourselves, why did i buy this? or why am I here? Are you guilty of waking up three times a week after beating the heck out of the alarm clock for that dead end job called a career and asking yourself as you sit in your office, Why am I here? What about that relationship? have you been asking yourself that question as well ?. That's many of us, we want to let go but just cant, we need to let go of that clutter (clothes, magazines, paper pile up, the 6 jars of jelly that have no place in your kitchen) Whatever it may be, learning to live with less especially stress will not just make you happy but will add years to your life. Join us so that we can learn from each other that it's ok to let go of your vintage Jordache jeans, well maybe not the vintage Jordache jeans, you cant find those anymore. But you dont need another pair just because their on sale and your pockets are full with store coupons. Lets become clutter free, debt free, less stressed, more involved, so we can make room for what's really important in order to live life to the fullest.

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