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ONLINE Challenge - Set your Top 5 Intentions to accomplish in 2018!
**Please note that this is an ONLINE challenge. There is no location for this challenge.** It's that time again... time to start re-evaluating and raising the bar by doing the things that will get you closer to living the life you picture while you're daydreaming... How do we get that life? By not only setting goals, but by actually believing we are worthy of that life!! That comes with self-work, introspection, and surrounding ourselves with people who push us to evolve and step outside of our comfort zones. What intentions do you want to manifest for yourself within the next 6 months? What's on your Bliss Bucket List for 2018? Jot down your Top 5 specific goals that you would like to accomplish by June 30, 2018... and then start working toward them! We are putting our intentions out to the Universe together - that's powerful stuff! We'll be doing a "touching base" Sutra-Bliss event mid-year for everyone to come together and share what they've accomplished and what they want to further work on for the following 6 months to end 2018 with a bang! Join us on Facebook (, Twitter (, Pinterest ( or Instagram ( for motivation, encouragement and advice whenever you need that extra boost from like-minded individuals to help you achieve your goals. We're all here to support! Need a little more motivation to ignite your inner fire? Check out this awesome video: Freedom from Resistance! ( Together... we're ON FIRE for 2018!!! What's on your Bliss Bucket List??

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What we're about

Hi Bliss Seekers!!

I have a website called Sutra Lifestyles and I organized this group becuase I'm now making a conscious effort to bring everything that Sutra stands for into "real life" - not just talking about living my bliss, but actually doing it!!

We'll be scheduling some super cool get-togethers - such a great way to meet like-minded people who are on the same wave length...

Let's all step our of our comfort zones together and meet new people who already have common interests. No longer trying to convince friends or family to do things with us that they're not excited about (like I used to do)... instead making the effort to meet new people who already have the same passions or interests. New experiences are the spice of life, aren't they?

I orginally joined because I had this strong desire to learn how to dirt bike ride and couldn't find anyone who would do it with me... and now almost a year later thanks to the Dirt Biking Meetup Group I joined: I've taken classes, done road trips & camped in the desert, and have a bunch of new amazing friends. What a frickin' awesome experience!

So I've started my own group... based on a bunch of my random and sometimes off-beat interests. I'm letting go of what people may think of me. I'm honed in on experiences that inspire me or things to do that I've always wanted to cross off my bucket list.

Let's do it together and push each other to live our lives to the fullest!

We'll be planning meet-ups like:

Surfing + Stand Up Paddleboarding + Anything Ocean-Related

Yoga Classes + Retreats

Boho Beach Picnics + Bonfires

Wine Bars + Road Trips to Vineyards

Vibrant Health Challenges

Self-Improvement Workshops

Love + Relationships

Dirt Biking + Camping Adventures

Spa Nights + Natural Remedies

Concerts + Dancing

Adventures With Our Dogs

Pub Crawls

Art Galleries + Film Festivals

Cooking Shin-Digs + Book Clubs

Finding the Best Mexican Food Joints in San Diego

Roller Skating + Bike Riding

Anything That Pops Into Our Crazy Brains!

Dirt biking fun!

Living Our Bliss! is a place for like-minded, supportive people to come together and form friendships, it is not a dating group. We want everyone to come to events and share your personal Bliss with all of us. Therefore, if we feel that your reasons for joining this group are not in alignment with the intentions and purpose of Living Our Bliss!, we will remove you. We are striving to keep this group as a safe and happy place for people to come together to form long-lasting friendships. And, we intend to keep it that way.

I'd love to see as many like-minded people as possible in the group (guys & girls) and I'd love to hear your ideas too!! If you join the group, please message me about meet-ups you'd like to organize or feel free to post on our page.

If you have a chance, send me a friend request on Facebook ( or check out my website Sutra Lifestyles ( :)

Thanks so much!!!

We're looking foward to meeting ya soon ♥ ♥

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