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BLUE LOTUS HEART CHI GONG SELF~ That's the state you find inside when you understand your own energy and how it works in the world. You feel calmer, more confident, and less likely to be swayed by the emotions, stress, and energies around you in our busy world. BLUE LOTUS HEART CHI GONG SELF is YOU, decompressed, comfortable, more easy in your life.

No matter how much you learn, or how much coffee you drink, there is only so much stimulation that any one human body can handle before it overloads. You might need to decompress at times, take a moment to yourself. In even one minute, you can offload the cares and stress of the world and re-enter Blue Lotus Heart Chi Gong Self. It is so easy, and really very wonderful. Join us, and learn more. Ferol Humphrey, Founder.

For more information, visit ferolhumphrey.com or text or call 917-834-3901.

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