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The Living Well Meetup focuses on events and classes held in the Sacramento area that allow each of us to connect with like minded people & further our knowledge in the area of Spirituality and Living Well as we move along our human journey.This Meetup explores topics related to life coaching, spirituality, meditation, accessing your wisdom from within, the law of attraction, past life regression, dreams, books, health, weight loss, staying in the present moment, success, goal setting, overcoming obstacles, intuition and much more!

Each one of us has a different journey we are currently experiencing. The classes and events you find in this Meetup are for many different people. Some may resonate with you and others, well not so much. That is the beauty of being human, we are all different and yet we are all connected! So find the classes you want to take and pass on the rest.

I post many classes that I actually do not attend. Some I do not have time, some I have been before and some are just not part of my journey. But I know the teachers and they all have fabulous material to offer. I also post events in the Sacramento Area that although I may not attend personally I know from others that they offer a great breath of information and are well attended by many.

If I can help you in any way or you have information, classes or events to share, please feel free to contact me at marylynnenorman@gmail.com.

Please note: I tend to publish many classes. This can get to be A LOT of emails so know that you control the emails you receive by going under the Account tab, move down to the Email & Notifications, and select what you want and do not want to see in regards to notifications.

Many blessings~


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