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Forgiveness Workshop- Free Yourself through Ho'oponopono!
Clear the path to Freedom and Real LOVE. EXPERIENCE the POWER of Forgiveness - on ALL levels: Body, Mind and Soul - through Ho'oponopono! Forgiveness truly is the BIGGEST Block to freedom and this group energy is very supportive in releasing A LOT. There can be several layers and Ho'oponopono goes deep dealing with all levels: mind, body and spirit. Prerequisite - High "Willingness" to forgive and move yourself toward freedom. * Are you ready to let go of the Shame and Guilt cycle that keeps you stuck and sabotaging your success in relationships, wealth, business and Love? * Are you ready and willing to end the battle and finally love yourself? Yay!! Then this is for you!! Welcome to Living from Heart Center and the POWER of Forgiveness. Guilt subconsciously demands punishment. Have you had enough? It's exhausting and will keep you sabotaging and getting in your own way, providing more ammunition to beat yourself up and feel guilty. It's time to free yourself. Do not let your past define or confine you ONE MORE DAY!! In this Powerful experience, Jeri will lead you through an insightful forgiveness lesson, share transformational tools and an energetic experience with Ho'ponopono that will SHIFT one of THE BIGGEST BLOCKS to Love and happiness. We will be working on all levels to align your Body- Mind and Soul with real, unconditional Love. End the battle and take back your life and power. *Investment in yourself: Sliding Scale $20 - $50 (please pay what you feel it's worth and what you can afford! I normally charge $30 pp for this event and it's $80 for a private session. The group energy is powerful and super supportive in this release!) (pay at the door or e-transfer: [masked]) This Workshop is for you IF: * You Feel STUCK and wish to free yourself from the greatest BLOCK to living a purposeful, passionate and fulfilling life * You tend to SABOTAGE when good things come your way * You feel GUILTY and seem to repeatedly attract more situations and people to reinforce this guilt * You wish to open and heal your heart to feel loved and lovable and to begin to give and receive Love freely * You wish to release weight and feel lighter, freer and more confident * You want to "get your life back" and break free of old patterns and the cycle of shame and guilt * You continually seek validation and approval as evidence of your worthiness * You are ready and willing to love yourself, free yourself and express the truth of who you are in service, love and joy * You are ready and willing to love yourself, free yourself and express the truth of who you are in service, love and joy Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Hoʻoponopono corrects, restores and maintains good relationships. It is a method of mental cleansing that is extremely effective in freeing you from the stuck energy, resentments and heaviness of the past in order to move forward in your life with greater ease and harmony. "The main purpose of this process is to discover the Divinity within oneself. The Ho'oponopono is a profound gift which allows one to develop a working relationship with the Divinity within and learn to ask that in each moment, our errors in thought, word, deed or action be cleansed. The process is essentially about freedom, complete freedom from the past." ~Morrnah Simeona Testimonial: "Jeri, I must thank you!! I have felt a complete difference since our session!! Like the dark heaviness has been lifted!!!! Even in my sex life it has opened up like WOW...Sorry just had to share 'cause my energy has changed so much!!! Send you so much love and light. Thank you Thank you Thank you." ~ Verna Facilitated by Jeri Tourand, Self-love and Forgiveness Coach, mother of 3, author, speaker, Zen Trilotherapist, and founder of Living from Heart Center. Jeri was certified in Ho'oponopono by James Ang, one of the most loving souls she's ever encountered. RIP James.

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What we're about

Living from Heart Center's mission is to provide a SAFE place for people to come together to EXPLORE, EXPAND, EXPRESS, and CELEBRATE LIFE and LOVE!! ~ Embracing all that is! Living from HEART Center is a safe place for us to come together and share our JOY, our passions, our gifts, and our HEARTs with one another. It is about living an empowered, centered and authentic life.

Through experiential workshops, enlightening retreats and powerful coaching, we assist you in embracing your truth, facing your shadows and emerging into the light and the JOYFUL adventure of LIFE. Living from HEART is living in the PRESENT; from that place of knowing; from the truth or the CORE of who we are. We are life expressing in every moment. We are in partnership with the Divine and with creation itself, choosing LIFE, choosing LOVE ~moment by moment.

Heart Opening: A deep sense of opening in the chest, often with an overwhelming sense of unconditional love for all beings, which brings about a significant change in the psychological orientation, increasing sensitivity, compassion and appreciation for life. (Borrowed from Bonnie Greenwell - (

Founded, Led and Facilitated by Jeri Tourand:

Jeri Tourand, B Ed. is the founder of "Living From Heart Center.” Jeri is a self-love and forgiveness coach, mother of three, published author, inspired speaker, The Intention Call and Realife Radio host, Zen Trilotherapist and energy healer. Her mission is to assist people in awakening and opening their hearts, inspiring them to live life to the fullest, and courageously express their highest potential and truest nature.

Jeri facilitates Heart to Heart circles, workshops and retreats including Zen Trilotherapy Retreats and Unconditional Love retreats to help people awaken and lead us to the tipping point of a more united world that is healed, connected and driven by Love.

Jeri believes that the only problem in the world today is that people do not love themselves. She coaches individuals and groups to identify and heal the inner conflict between their mind and emotions, awakening their souls to lead them to a place of inner peace, happiness and true freedom. She strives to be the world's greatest lover; being and sharing unconditional LOVE with others, awakening deep truth and remembrance within, of the Divine LOVE that we are.

Jeri is a lover of the adventure of life, embracing the exploration, expansion, and expression of our authentic, empowered and joyful selves in order to experience Heaven on Earth! Her motto is that life is beautiful and meant to be fun!

Jeri also started "Parenting From H.E.A.R.T." which is focused on helping parents "live from HEART" in order to assist our children in finding and embracing their gifts, their truth and in co-creating a positive, joyful and fulfilling life for themselves and those around them.

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