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November 2016 JSmeet

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Marko S.


Meetups are sometimes like buses. You may wait a long time for one, then two come close together.

As mentioned in previous announcement we will have another meetup this autumn and it will happen on November 21st at 18:00 at Poligon.

As the last known Javascript meetup this year it is a not-to-be-missed event!


* Boosting Web-app FPS - Jure Polutnik & Jure Bajt

This talk will not be about the “hot new JavaScript frameworks” that “solve all your problems” but will focus on fundamentals every web-developer should know when tackling real world problems in larger web applications, regardless of framework they use.

We’ll have a look at rendering engine itself and using simple examples show how its different parts are working and why they are important. We’ll then demonstrate how we applied this knowledge to boost rendering performance of large tables in our web application.

* -

Courtesy of flu season and overworked developers we unexpectedly have an empty slot (or two) available. If you have something that you could share, and we know you do, then please let us know at

Don't be shy!


This meetup is sponsored by Zemanta. They're paying for drinks after the talks.
Kreativni center Poligon
Tobačna ulica 5 · Ljubljana
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