March 2019 JavaScript Meet


This time around, we will explore decentralized apps on the blockchain, their development, as well as hacks and tips for building one. The blockchain tech has provided a number of extremely powerful solutions, and dapps are one of the most important mechanisms and bridges between users and decentralized systems.

The 0xcert team will be your guide this evening. They have developed a powerful JavaScript library as a framework for building decentralized apps with strong features for implementing both fungible and non-fungible tokens. You'll explore the basics of dapps and their functions, but more importantly, you'll learn how to develop a dapp on the Ethereum blockchain with just your knowledge of JavaScript. Experience with blockchain is welcome but not required! If you know how to develop a website, you're good to go.

You are also welcome to browse through the 0xcert web page, framework documentation, and GitHub before the event:

Talks and speakers:
- Urban Osvald: NFTs - History, data, and use cases
- Kristijan Sedlak: 0xcert Framework overview
- Tadej Vengust: Live coding example
- David Ličen: SwapMarket and UX - The final piece of dapps’ puzzle

Join us for this comprehensive JavaScript meetup. You'll gain valuable knowledge to improve your skills and join the community of dapp developers.