December 2019 JavaScript Meet

JavaScript Ljubljana
JavaScript Ljubljana
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Dear Javascript people of Ljubljana and beyond!

No matter where you see yourself in the vast of frontend/backend spectrum, one thing is for sure: there is always so much more to discover and learn.

Celtra hosted some great Meetups in the past - but this one is right up our street.

Come and join us on December 5th at 6pm @Celtra office in Ljubljana for our two very intriguing talks around the JS utility patterns and Webpack optimization performances.

Sounds interesting? - See you there!

Talk 1:
St. Nicholas JS utils giveaway
Presenter: Ales Kurent, Software Engineer

We'll go through a delightful set of homemade JS utility patterns that made users' and our lives easier. We will look into implementation of undo/redo functionality, unsaved changes detection, utilizing the power of JS classes in store and maybe even some sprinkle of CSS. All patterns are pre wrapped with a fully functional code snippets, ready for takeaway.

Talk 2:
A Christmas Compiler Carol
Presenter: Marko Čavdek, Senior Software Engineer

A visit from the ghosts of the compiler past, present and future? Hopefully not. We'll talk about switching from Browserify to Webpack, look into best practices for optimizing Webpack performance and to round it up, we will check out the new features we can expect in Webpack 5.