Past Meetup

Ljubljana Lambdas January 2019


Location image of event venue


Hi fellow Lambdas!

The next Ljubljana Lambdas Meetup will take place on Thursday 17 January, at 6pm in Poligon.

Speakers: post a comment to! We only need one talk, since we are again joining forces with the Python meetup, and there is already a great talk scheduled for the Python part: "Burlesque, or how the public sector creates software"

Like last time, we will hold a lightning talks session after the two full-length talks, so if you only wanna do a short talk (up to 5 minutes), please raise your hand!

I'd personally love to hear battle stories on how you migrated from dynamic/imperative languages to something with more guarantees. Maybe an introduction to one of the ML family of languages? I wouldn't mind a showcase of an Elm app and a live bug fix example (to showcase how a compiler can help me). Or something much more exotic and niche.

Free beer and other beverages will be provided by Niteo!

See you soon!