LjPyMeetup September 2019

This is a past event

70 people went


Greetings, fellow Pythonistas!

We're proud to announce the next meetup: Back to School! We're starting the 2019/2020 season with a bang: a 4-hour long meetup, packed with talks on various subjects! We are again joining forces with the functional programming meetup to add some variety and breadth. The meetup (shall we say a mini conference?) will take place on Friday 13th September, at 5 pm in Poligon. Note the time, we start one hour earlier than usual!

We'll really have a wide-ranging selection of talks, from data science and soft skills, all the way through to modern frontends and complex computer science theory.

* Sara Jakša: Topic Modeling: All Mistakes I Did, so You Don't Have To
* Ines Panker: Applying Marketing Techniques to Developers' day-to-day
* Rob Gietema: Volto, the new React-based frontend for Plone.com
* Domen Kožar: Typeclasses in Haskell

Followed by a few lightning talks:
* Amon Stopinšek: Elm frontend for Toggle.com
* Jure Čuhalev: Elm + Django
* Gašper Vozel: Using Elm in a legacy jQuery-based project
* Your name here! Lightning talks are short 5-minute talks about anything. Slides optional.

Big thanks to Reciprocity for stepping up and sponsoring the meetup: drinks & beverages are on them!

See you next week!