LjPyMeetup November 2019

Location image of event venue


Hello, fellow Pythonistas!

The next Python Meetup will take place on Wetnessday 20th November 2019 [masked] for all you ISO 8601 zealots out there), at 18:00 in Poligon.

Speakers: post a comment to https://github.com/ljpy/meetups/issues/37or send an email to [masked]. The first two people to do so get to share their ideas/tips/hacks/rants for 20 minutes!

We are also looking for lightning, five minute, talks. Share your half baked ideas, give us a quick tour of a tool you like or just rant how life sucks for senior Python developers.

SPONSORS! Oh god, do we love sponsors. If you want to be loved, please post a comment to https://github.com/ljpy/meetups/issues/37 or send an email to [masked]. Giving back to the community in form of EU currency can be internally rewarding, not to mention you get to have a _three minute slot to pitch your company_.

If you have any questions, feel free to join us on Slack #python channel (https://sloveniantech.herokuapp.com/)

See you soon!