What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in quantified self, self tracking, wearables, etc. To meet people with these interests and exchange ideas and experiences.

Quantified Self (http://quantifiedself.com/) is a broad subject. Some people log data about their health, some log their activities. Most want to learn something about themselves from the data, while some do it just because they like doing it. But it is about data that touches an individual. Wearable technologies and sensors have opened many new ways to log this kind of data, although some still prefer the old fashioned paper way.

Past events (4)

4th QS meetup Ljubljana

Needs a location

Ljubljana QS 3rd meetup

Marand d.o.o., velika sejna soba

Ljubljana QS 2nd meetup

Fenix bistro

Lets meetup and get to know each other

Marand d.o.o., velika sejna soba