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B2B -> Business to Business Networking

B2C -> Business to Consumer Networking

B2G -> Business to Government Networking

~ Learn networking tips, techniques, and etiquette to produce measurable results.

~ Build your business, develop relationships, and enhance your current systems.

We foster thought provoking ideas and conversations to push your business to the next level. Members share techniques and strategies to help each other grow as professionals and individuals. Both successes and failures are exchanged and shared equally to maximize
education and development.

Get Networked. Your success and growth is essential to the prosperity of this network, and the opportunities are limitless. Enjoy an environment condusive for networking success and small business development. Workshops and seminars are offered through partnership organizations like the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Chamber of Commerce, and SBDC (Small Businesss Development Center). We also offer training classes for etiquette. (Networking etiquette, military etiquette, formal dining etiquette, mayoral luncheon etiquette, etc.)

This meetup network offers weekly, monthly, and quarterly platforms and mediums to support local business, micro business, and small business owners. Many of our members are current and/or former Military or Corporate C-Level Executives that are looking for transition assistance into entrepreneurship.

Our members, leaders, creators, innovators, business owners, and entrepreneurs become referral partners, sometimes power partners, and sources for future business and leads. They build alliances and can become strategic business partners with each other.

Tons and tons and tons of Networking!!!!! There is something for everyone! Social networking, Ladies networking, Business networking, Military networking, Open Mixers, B2B networking, Free networking, Fundraisers, Workshops, Expo's, Health and Fitness vendor events, LYMEvents, Training classes, Leadership programs, Free events, Leads groups, Mens groups, Support groups, Educational seminars, Bootcamps, and many many more!

Membership is open to novice, intermediate, and seasoned entrepreneurs. Age is not an asset or liability, your experience qualifies you.

The corporate world and small business structure continues to change daily, and traditional networking professionals must also. Home-based business networkers are forced to conduct business in a way that is acceptable to the corporate processes. We give you the educational tools as the networking world continues to evolve.

Yesterday’s traditional way of networking is over. Today's world of networking has already begun. We all have the right to the educational tools and resources to prove and validate the "old new way" of doing business. This network is an opportunity to evaluate and/or re-evaluate your business and the way you network.

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