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At VEGA AERIAL FITNESS + WELLNESS we teach our clients how to take their Fitness + Wellness to NEW HEIGHTS. We help educate our clients on the importance of engaging their total BODY + MIND + SOUL in every workout. We believe that cultivation of this concept allows you to reach beyond just the physical fitness component of exercise but to the establishment of a lifelong program of continued Fitness + Wellness which leads to improved health and longevity.

Our unique classes are different from other group fitness classes because we teach you how to train the muscles + ligaments + joints to respond fluidly to a series of challenging exercises designed to engage all the muscles in the body while counter acting the forces of gravity. You develop core strength, back + upper body strength while toning your entire body in record time! The fact is our multidisciplinary fitness modalities allows you to strengthen + lengthen + tone + nourish the entire body.

All of our fitness classes are infused exercises inspired by Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Aerial Arts + Suspension Training techniques. With continued participation in our classes you will gain increased muscle mass while also increasing your metabolic rate, ultimately burning more calories even while at rest. ​You will build physical as well as mental strength in each class.

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