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Our Mission Is To Inspire And Empower Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Profits-
So You Can Finally Achieve The Financial And Time Freedom That You Deserve!

The Fellowship of Entrepreneurs is a community of like-minded professionals who recognize that we live in a special time- where technology is rapidly evolving and tremendous opportunity is available for those with an open mind and have a willingness to take action.

Each of our meetings will be a 100% unique event with content custom crafted in advance and supplemented with questions and feedback from within the group.

Each meet-up will entail a blend of the following:

1. Inspiration: We start off every meeting with some inspirational video or other content. One entry from one of today's great minds will be chosen for sharing and discussion, where we will explore the concept's implications and value in our businesses.

2. We'll review new strategies and/or technologies that are being successfully used in the marketplace and how they can improve our business skills and sales results.

3. "Mastermind Sessions": We will share and discuss our current greatest business challenges and together contribute any ideas that we think can help other members of the group succeed.

4. Networking and referring business to each other. Let's find as many ways as possible to help each other succeed!

5. Build lifelong friendships and productive business relationships.

Entrepreneurs get along best with other entrepreneurs!

We will plan awesome local experiences for the group so we can blend business and pleasure. There are so many awesome things we want to do.. we'll lay out options and allow members to suggest their own ideas. Then we'll vote and decide which destination meetings we will prioritize.

Here are some ideas:

Renting A Van And Day Trip To Destination like Wine/Cheese/Dinner at a local vineyard,
skydiving, hiking, whitewater rafting
renting out private rooms in awesome restaurants
charter boat or fishing trips
Watch & Discuss Movie Nights
Mock Debates, Pitch Practice Days
Learn & Earn Challenges
Strategic Alliance Creation
Joint-Venture Opportunities
Charity Events & Community Fundraisers
Poker Nights
& Anything Else WE Can Think Of!

6. Looking for an opportunity? We're aggressively hiring nationwide. At the end of every event, we will extend an invitation to learn more about how you can leverage us to easily earn an extra $3-$5K per month- without quitting your current job and without investing a dime!

The Fellowship of Entrepreneurs is a Community of People Who Are Obsessed With Success.
However, We Realize That We Don't Have To Do It All On Our Own.

We Can Achieve More As A Team Who Come Together To Help Support And Aid Each Other As We Embark On The Journey Of A Lifetime,

Feel at home in the presence of true peers who understand the frustrations of Entrepreneurship and can offer you a hand-up to help you get to the next level in your life and career.

Join The Fellowship Today so that you can experience it for yourself...

We will build our skills, our networks, our bank accounts and our legacies by working together as a single community of people that love life, actually enjoy what we do, and are excited about working together to tackle the challenges required to succeed at every stage of the way!

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