What we're about

Are you interested in getting your food locally from healthy sources? Do you want to know your community better? Do you seek products that are made locally? You sound like a localist!

What is a Localist?
Localists are people who see value in building a tight-knit community around them, and who want to reap the multitude of benefits that come from such a rich, local community. They’re usually people who have something -- or want to develop something -- to contribute to the richness of their community.

Topics can include, but are no means limited to:
- Creating a network to local farmers and producers, allowing us to source our produce.
- Learning and enjoying the local area (sharing what you know about the local area).
- Learning a new skill/offering a craft product to your friends and community.
- Getting to know the people in the community who serve you (local businesses, your kids’ teachers, co-workers).
- Canning and preserving foods.
- Education/sharing around our options and choices as consumers, skills for greater self-reliance, and ways in which we can live more in line with traditional American principles of liberty.

Let’s spend time together, build community, and share/develop crafts together!

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Localists of NRV meet in Blacksburg!

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