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Would you like to get together with intelligent people to discuss ways to improve life in all of its facets? Would you like unleash your professional and life desires to a group of creative people in a safe environment? Would you like to work on how to balance spirit, mind, and body in a way that will yield results in your life? Would you like to learn from a diverse group of people about things that have been difficult to grasp? Would you like to share your success story and help guide other people to their success? Would you like to have a place where there is always an opportunity to find new people to partner up with in endeavors? What is your lock? What thing is keeping you from reaching your goals in life as a person and as a professional?

At Lock Breakers ( across the street from the Ballard Locks ) We shall get together without judgement to discuss what we are trying to do in life and brainstorm ways to bring our goals and dreams to fruition.

Everyone will have time to truly go into what their passion is, why they are doing it, what the expected results are, the impact it can have, and how a group of people can help. A large part of this will include how to positively manifest, and practicing what it means to start creating what you want from just a picture in your mind.

If you are reading this you have probably been consciously, or unconsciously manifesting something to help you to get you to a better position in this world. I myself have been growing this meetup idea in my head for quite a while now.

The other part of this is the sheer power of knowledge sharing and network in a quiet calm environment in which everyone can have the space to share their ideas. The amount of combinations are endless: Video makers needing camera people, to bands needing musicians, to blog writers needing people to interview, to a creator needing promotors, etc...

I'm not sure in which ways you associate with manifesting your life in front of your eyes but it works and we will prove it together. At the moment, however, think less of the words and associate this meetup group with accomplishing that which you wish to accomplish. It is a fine starting point.

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