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CocoaHeads Lodz #31

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Mike M.


Zapraszamy na '31’ wiOSłowanie! 👋

Ostatnie spotkanie przed wakacjami 🏖☀️

Najbliższe spotkanie już w przyszłym tygodniu 🚀 26 Czerwca godzina 18:00, spotykamy się w biurze FiveDotTwelve, Gdańska 91, budynek A, drugie piętro.


18:00 Tomasz Bąk - "Event Driven z RabbitMQ"

18:45 przerwa

19:00 Radek Pietruszewski - "WWDC for beginners (and for you!)"

19:45 Networking & pizza

Tomasz Bąk

about him: Tomasz Bąk is a software engineer working at Binar Apps. He has a soft spot for Swift and new reactive frameworks.

title: When an app reaches certain scale, your usual architecture with REST backend may suppress growth of the app. In this presentation you will learn about an alternative architecture, that emphasises flexibility and scalability of systems. You will also learn how to use it in the iOS environment.

Radek Pietruszewski

about him: Tech lead at Nozbe. Software writer, proud generalist, rocket enthusiast. Poking the box since 1995. Fully reusable.

title: Just two weeks ago, I’ve come back from my 4th time at the Worldwide Developers Conference, and I’m here to tell you all about it! What it’s like to be in San Jose, meet developers we follow on Twitter in person, talk to engineers at Apple, how to make the best out of the conference, and how you can go there, too!
Gdańska 91, budynek A · Łódź
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budynek A, drugie piętro

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