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CEH (C - Embedded - Hardware) UG jest grupą dla profesjonalistów i amatorów zainteresowanych wszelkimi aspektami systemów wbudowanych: projektowaniem, programowaniem, testowaniem.

Spotkania grupy odbywają się średnio co 3 tygodnie, między wrześniem a czerwcem.

Masz pytanie lub propozycję? Napisz: cehug.lodz@gmail.com

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C++11 was only the beginning

Stefana Żeromskiego 94

Na kolejnym spotkaniu Mateusz opowie nam o ewolucji C++ w ostatnich latach. Spotykamy się w biurze TomToma przy Żeromskiego 94C (budynek Agraf B). Zainteresowanych zapraszamy na krótką prezentację Mobile Mapping (MoMa) 15 minut przed spotkaniem. C++ is the fastest programming language in the world, and it leaves no room for other languages below it (except assembler). That is why it gets more attention now than ever before. As a result, we observe an increasing speed of the C++ language evolution. C++11 was a game changer, but now it is considered an "old" language already. C++14 and C++17 provided a lot of improvements that allow us to write portable, safer, and faster programs in a shorter time. The resulting source code is easier to reason about and maintain. Moreover, the C++20 is coming soon and will be a game changer again. In my talk, I will briefly describe the changes introduced in the latest C++ language releases, and I will show how they influence the code we write every day. Later I will present major groundbreaking features of upcoming C++20. Mateusz Pusz A software architect, chief engineer, and security champion with more than 15 years of experience in designing, writing and maintaining C++ code for fun and living. C++ consultant, trainer, conference speaker, and evangelist focused on Modern C++. His main areas of interest and expertise are code performance, low latency, stability, and security. Mateusz worked at Intel for 13 years, and now he leads C++ Community at EPAM Systems. He is also a founder of Train IT that provides dedicated C++ trainings and consultant services to corporations. Mateusz is a contributor and an active voting member of the ISO C++ Committee (WG21) where, together with the best C++ experts in the world, he shapes the future of the C++ language. He is also a co-chair of WG21 Study Group 14 (SG14) responsible for driving performance and low latency subjects in the Committee. In 2013 Mateusz won “Bench Games 2013” – worldwide competition in the C++ language knowledge.

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