What we're about

This meetup is a philosophical and psychological discussion group oriented around the ideas of Professor Jordan B Peterson, free speech politics and Judeo-Christian values. We meet in the CBD of Melbourne and online.
Currently there is one Meetup called Estuary which is an open philosophy discussion group.

Scope: Philosophical topics related to Jordan Peterson's ideas, his peers ideas and/or Judeo-Christian values.
We want to have fun discussing deep ideas. We want to analyse our own world view and the ideas of others with the aim of growing in character.
We plan to take up our own individual responsibility to be a positive influence in the immediate world around us in the hope of tilting the world slightly toward the good.
The culture we want to create is a free and open discussion where everyone is welcome to contribute to the conversation so long as we treat each other with common decency and keep an open mind to learning.

The only requirement is that you're interested in what Jordan has to say about things: e.g. philosophy, psychology, free speech, truth, Judeo-Christian values, God and The Logos.

There are no fees. We have cultivated a good community where members voluntarily bring food and this is working well. Coffee and drinks are provided by the organisers and venue.

Discussion Guidelines
We are committed to practising these few principles when we meet to help create a safe and caring environment for everyone to open up and share ideas.

We encourage you to engage in:

  • Speaking your mind
  • Speaking with passion
  • Contributing your knowledge
  • Debating with people who disagree with you
  • Showing kindness and affection

and as a corollary to the above we trust you have the common sense to exercise:

  • Courtesy to treat people with common decency
  • Patience to not cross-talk or dominate
  • Humility to be open to learn from others
  • Curiosity to truly appreciate different ideas
  • Self control by observing others personal boundaries

St Kilda Presbyterian Church
PlentyLife Anglican Church, Doreen.

Upcoming events (4+)

Estuary (St Kilda): Jordan Peterson - The Antidote to Slavery

St Kilda Presbyterian Church

Sam Harris says “The Bible supports slavery”. Let's look into that. Jordan Peterson talks to the former Australian deputy prime minister, John Anderson about slavery.
In this Estuary we'll delve into the historical and religious origins of slavery and take a philosophical approach to the debate about the issue of whether the bible supports slavery.

Sam Harris Destroys Christianity
Jordan Peterson and John Anderson

1:50 Coffee and chat
2:00 Videos
2:30 Group Discussions
4:00 Official End
4:01 After Party

Discovery (St Kilda)

St Kilda Presbyterian Church

This year we are trying something new. Each fortnight we will have a topic on a controversial issue.

We will watch a long form video presenting the evidence followed by a discussion. The evidence will always be on the contrarian / minority view as this is the best way to seek truth. (If we only listen to the status quo / consensus then we are susceptible to lies).

For the first part of the year we will be looking at the evidence for and against evolution.
Stay tuned for specific details...

Estuary (City): Philosophy, Psychology Jordan Peterson & Christian Values.

St James’ Old Cathedral

Discussion on topics related to Jordan Peterson's interests including Psychology, Philosophy, Personal responsibility, Free speech, Judeo-Christian Values, God and the Logos.

To be announced.


St Kilda Presbyterian Church

The face-to-face discovery is just like an Estuary meetup except the topics are on Judeo-christian ideas or biblical history. We will be jumping into the root source document of western culture (the bible) and seeing what we can learn from it.
If you have watched Jordan Peterson's biblical series (a metaphoric/archetypical interpretation) we can compare that to the common historical reading of the bible.

Each week we are reading a couple of chapters of Matthew.

It's still OK to come without having read the passage as we'll be reading through most of it in the meeting.

Past events (107)


St Kilda Presbyterian Church

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